Underwater areas are a missed opportunity

The game has some gorgeous underwater areas that are ruined by visual filters.

When I dive into the water in the drowned vaults I have half a second where I think “wow this is going to be awesome!” Then the blur and darken filters kick in and I can’t see anything and I just swim through as fast as possible to get out of the water and get on with what I’m doing.

It makes me sad. :cry:

I would really like to be able to enjoy the underwater areas, and would be able to if the blur and darken visual effects were not added. I don’t know if this is specific to some video card setups or common to all, but there’s half a second or so when I dive underwater that the visuals are great - keep them like that and underwater areas will be awesome!

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hmm I actually really love underwater, and i can see clearly in the water (lakes, ocean).
In the vaults int he few that had water most of the time it was bright enough with glowing goop along the way providing lighting. Can you post a picture of the dark underwater?Curious if its a graphic card thing or we got so different tastes:)

Yeah, I noticed it when I came back to the game. Not sure if just Siptah or all underwater for me now. I also did a graphics upgrade over the summer, so I need to check more. The underwater effects are somewhat realistic. I haven’t decided if I like the realism or being able to see clearly like the old days better.

It sounds like you are referring to the bug where you can hold the camera just right at the surface of the water to see through it like it isn’t there.

Conan Exiles is beautiful. It’s out of stamina debuff is ugly.

The two don’t go well together. They have had years to make this basic connection, and change it accordingly.

Conan Exiles biggest selling point vs its competitors is that it looks so damn good.

Not when you run out of stamina. And not when you are swimming.

You just made a new map (Siptah) and included huge swathes of water. Which is terrible, because it’s hideous to look at while swimming.

It really frustrates me.

Build a car to go 300 mph, then give it square wheels! Why!?


-Stamina grey out effect is dedrater! And the minor tweak it recently received is underwhelming at best. The entire feature should be replaced with a less pervasive, and less ugly solution. Because your graphics are one of your selling point.

P.S. I hope this gets to whatever dev is fighting so hard to keep this feature. I want them to personally know I wish minor inconveniences upon them! Days worth of them. No harm, but total minor inconvenience. Like, your soda is flat, or your sock gets folded funny in your shoe and irritates you. Or the keys on your key board get stuck and make a long line like… “ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd” … and you have to angrily backspace all the way to start over.




No, it’s different from this (although I have used this to find chests underwater!). That bug provides 100% visibility which is great if you need to find something, but would just be weird if that was the normal view you got while swimming. In the Harbor of the Drowned when I first dive in I get half a second of a very nice view - it’s different from above water view, so some underwater visual effects have been applied, but I can still see clearly. But then I keep swimming and everything gets dark and blurry and the whole water experience is garbage (and no, this is not the out of stamina blur, just normal swimming blur).

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Hmm, I don’t remember that. I’ll have to try and pay more attention the next time I go for a swim.

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