Underwater Exploration Ideas

Hello Exile Designers

So I’ve been tinkering around Siptah on PS4 (amazing by the way) and was wondering…

Could Funcom have a think about placing more points of interest in underwater areas?

I was swimming north of Siptah and there is sooo much real estate out there! Let’s have a think about placing interesting things to look at or explore? Apart from resources, there’s not much out there?

Why not an intact sunken ship? Fully explorable and interactive, with traps and treasure, recipes or feats. Place it somewhere so deep that you need something to help you stay under, like a potion to breath etc.

Skeletons of dinosaurs?
More sunken wrecks?
A mysterious whirlpool?
Ruins of Atlantis?
A sword in a stone?
A giant shark that looks like it exploded?
An alien spaceship?

Who else can offer an idea?

I dont know about skelets from dinosaurs or sunken wrecks or whirpool, but atlantis, sword in stone, and alien is not conan lore anymore and giant sharks u can find when swim too far

I know, I was just joking about that stuff. But was quite serious about the suggestion of adding more things to explore and look at underwater…what do you think about a fully interactive sunken ship?

Do you have any ideas to share?

My idea is to add actual mini boats to make and capable to sail or row - and then u can suggest some ships or underwater adventures , because imagine swim 2 grits to some ‘‘stupid’’ ship… it actually will tilt everyone out, because even now to swim between fllodlands in new south part are SOOOOOOOO slow… that well

I can run half map on foot while swimming from drowners to ashlands…

Cool idea - mini boats! Yes! In the north beach there is a recipe for an “oar” on the beach.

Funcom, could it be possible to take Neos boat idea and attach it to the oar recipe, so that by interacting you are then able to craft a “rickety boat” to sail around the island of Siptah?

Addendum: many people on forums have speculated fast travel on Siptah. Why not use the rickety boat to “fast travel” to different ports or locations around the circumference of the island? Maybe even one or two points in the big rivers as well?

Now that would be heaps of fun!

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