Water mechanics is creating a problem in PvP

Please please please find a quick and easy solution for the following exploits regarding PvP and water.

  1. An opponent can go into the water to escape combat indefinitely

To me, it is game breaking to have people who have raided a base be able to escape retaliation by simply going 10 feet offshore. There are edge cases to consider here that don’t impact travel in the game too badly, but this is unacceptable. I would be curious to hear other people’s ideas on how to deal with this fairly, so it doesn’t become a frustrating aspect of the game. TO me, the obvious quippy response of “just shoot them with a bow” is not a real solution to address the issue.

  1. An opponent can build in the water quickly while being chased and you cannot follow them up on the structure.

There are aspects of Fortnite BR rearing up. Recently someone built a structure quickly in the water, hopped up onto it, and then removed the stairs. This made it impossible for anyone to climb up and pursue them.

These are truly frustrating examples where people can exploit the lack of combat or climbing in water and avoid combat with other players. Please, please address this.

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Suggested solution:

Three phases of swimming. 2 exist, one needs to be added.

  • Swimming
  • Struggling
  • Sinking/Drowning

Swimming - when you have full stamina you swim just fine. Nothing changes here.
Struggling - When stamina is gone, the bar turns blue and begins to drain (fine if it drains based on encumbrance and inventory). You still can swim and float, but time is running out.
Sinking/Drowning - When you have no ability to struggle (the bar is empty), you sink and the breath mechanic kicks in. Run out of breath you’re dead.

The Struggle meter should not reset the second you get out of the water. You should get a state effect called “exhausted” which lasts a certain amount of time after leaving the water.

This could be an easy solution to problem number 1.


Great idea. It would be neat if players who are sinking still can “walk” under water but very slowly, to have a slight chance to reach the shore alive.

Add a “piranha” feature so that if a player is swimming and then becomes injured due to arrows, their bleeding will attract piranhas which will be an increasing DoT unless they get out of water again xD

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They should make it so that you can cling onto people in the water and drown them. Que a sequence where you have to press the rights buttons first to successfully escape/drown your opponent. I.e W pops up on screen and whoever presses it first gets a point. Then S and you press it later then he gets a point. First to five points wins. After you escape your opponent can’t cling onto you for another 20 seconds, they are stunned for 5 seconds so you get time to escape and you can’t simply turn around and drown them for those 20 seconds either, but someone else could drown them.

This is a very creative idea. I thought of the same thing too, so I love it.

however, I’m thinking the quickest, most efficient solution that does not require lengthy production will be the best fit for the dev team.

Again, love the idea, but this is a very complex undertaking.

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This is a cool idea, and likely pretty easy. Although, it does not fit every biome. So, they would need to figure out a solution for each that makes sense.

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You’ll get that next year

(hint) …
Use a skinning knife. It’s quite dangerous underwater.

It stops you in your tracks. So, trying to use pick, hatchet, cleaver, or skinning knife is quite frustrating, imo.