New Status Effect - Drowning

It’s not that overall important since most of the map has no access to deep water, but it would solve problems with parts who do.

  • Add a stackable Status effect “Drowning”
  • It starts as soon as you run out of Stamina while swimming
  • Every stack damages the player
  • If you are overloaded you get maximum stacks at once, regardless of stamina
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Ever heard of treading water, or the dead-man’s float? I’m not aqua man, and I can float for hours using those two basic swimming skills. Nobody stays in Hyborean water more than a few seconds or minutes anyway. Just say no to drowning.

Right, put on your metal armor and show me your floating skills.

It’s more a matter of fleeing from PvP into the water and stay there for ages and puting all your stuff in underwater vaults while being raided.

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Drowning people isn’t the answer to those problems.

drowning people is fun though :rofl: i want to watch them drown in my underwater maze entrance to the service area of my castle matsumoto xX