Water Stamina Rework

First: I am not a coder but I know that it is not easy. If this idea isn’t possible just let me know.
Second: You already have the mechanics in place for what I’m going to suggest.

Rather then having stamina slowly drain until it’s gone and then be stuck in the gray. Repurpose the corruption mechanic to slowly have a blue bar fill the stamina bar until it reaches half. Then allow stamina to be regenerated when your treading in place up to wherever the bar is. When you get out of the water the bar can then slowly return to normal.

Doing this will keep a detriment to staying in water while not bleeding you dry when trying to harvest the resources under the waves. It also opens up the possibility of having a sprint in the water and also a small amount of fighting. (I absolutely do NOT want water combat to become a big thing, I just want to swim without gray vision)

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I want to chime in because this is a grey issue for me. :wink:

Some players rely on that grey visual effect and a players lack of stamina to hide some caches in the water. It provides an extra layer of visual obstruction when hiding buildings under water.

My cache built out of pict DLC that is very deep in the sea directly benefits from grey vision due to lack of stamina. It was a reason fpr building in that specific location. Knowing people would need to prepare themselves adequately just to see without hindrance.

I understand that it’s annoying but the grey effect serves several purposes. I mentioned one above, but also when chasing someone in a sandstorm and they run out of stamina. There’s a clear advantage for the player who has more stamina. I don’t think it should be changed for PVP servers.

I do believe there should be an option for PVE servers to have it disabled.

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I’m sorry but I really don’t see you post having a valid point to what I’m talking about in this post. It is cleaver that you found a way to use a detriment to your advantage. However I’m talking about improving swimming and making the use of tools and javelins in water viable. Some times fun exploits need to move aside for better quality content.

edited to add “tools” because if forgot


Your argument is basically, I’ve discovered an exploit and don’t want it patched. Anglinex has a good idea to rework swimming that just makes sense, you can recover stamina IRL while swimming, you just need to stay in place, so it’s not like it’s a leap of logic to allow this idea to make it in game. To implement the realism you’d have to surface and hold still, and you’d still recover stamina slower than normal, the idea of limiting the recovery also makes sense, it’s an all in all good idea.

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Exile seems to be treading water though. Not floating on his back. I don’t know many swimmers who recover stamina while swimming. Floating sure. Swimming not so much, same with treading water.

If people think using grey vision as a visual hindrance in water is an exploit. I’d welcome a dev opinion here. I would argue it was intended. But that’s a whole different thing.

If we’re talking realism. There should be an animation to go into stamina recovery mode while swimming, to go from “swimming” to “floating” otherwise this directly affects PVP interactions near any body of water. Simply stopping movement still means you’re treading water… and probably not recovering stamina.

And… let’s not forget you can use stamina potions and make a grit build to slow down the grey vision while swimming.
Not like you have overencumbrance slowing you down while swimming. (Soft jab at realism)

I never said it was a bad idea. I just said it was a grey area. I wouldn’t want it on PVP and for PVE it’s not a issue at all.

Edit: to remove brain farts

You should simply drown when you run out of stamina… Like in every game I ever played in my life and I always suspected this will also be the case in Conan…

I was around ~lvl40, when I discovered, you dont die… It just gets grey… Wooooow.

Maybe a combination of both things?

Staying still = recover stamina.
Stamina gone = you “fall” to the bottom of the sea. If its not to deep and you have enough air, you can recover stamina at the bottom of the sea and swim up.

Then items like the underwater breathing mask or riptide would have a bigger purpose.


Lmao. This. Just drown with no stamina. Love it.

Where did I say it needed pure realism? If it were, then encumbrance would be half as effective and under certain levels of it you’d sink to the bottom every time and have to walk on the ground, I’m not arguing pure realism. I was pointing out that it is realistic and therefore wouldn’t need explaining as to how it’s done, lastly I can recover energy while just idling in the water, simply keeping afloat doesn’t require much effort, yes if you’re actively swimming then it wouldn’t happen but that wasn’t what I was talking about.

Any game aspect that can be taken advantage of is an exploit, it’s not like I’m saying you’re cheating, I climb walls and shoot enemies that collect at the bottom when I’m outmatched, this is also an exploit since AIs can’t climb. Exploit- make full use of and derive benefit from. The greyed vision is a game feature that you exploit for tactical advantage, it’s smart but not an adequate defense against reworking water stamina.

My point is that the greyed vision while in the water is unnecessary, since that’s the only actual penalty for running out of stamina while underwater. The drowning idea is actually a good one too, the concept should be looked at at the very least.

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The idle while in water would akin to not sprinting. When walking, we regain stamina, so it is not outside of current mechanic in game. Like the idea.


The waters are full of resources but getting at them isn’t viable with the current water mechanic. Seems like a waist to have all of that down there but make it to irritating to go get it. Plus javelins work in water so but you can’t really use them or yull just run dry faster. My suggestion just makes sense.

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I hate the grey out effect. I wish it was not permanent. The game is so beautiful, it would be nice to be able to swim around and enjoy the scenery without it all going “old oatmeal” colored. I mean, really. Half the reason I play this game is cause it looks fantastic.

Just give me my visual que/warning, then leave me with no stamina. But let me enjoy the view (or see treasure chests under water reasonably.

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