Suggestions to make game (especially PVP) enjoyable again


I dont think it havent went under people’s radar that the game condition is poor. Low performance, bad d-sync and just overall pretty lame gameplay. Here is some suggestions I know will bring the PVP atleast back to life and make people enjoy it a lot more again.

1st. remove sprinting speed buff on 15 agi perk, it might seem like a good feature to make a perk that gives additional speed for certain stuff, like sprinting, climbing and swimming. Problem is just when the game behaves poorly normally it doesnt help with adding up speed.
Example; I dont see people sliding around as much when people dont use the 15 agi perk. It’s actually inane sometimes. People running around in a circle and kinda looks like he is teleporting. Game was fine before it was a buff to sprinting. I dont find it necessary either to have a perk that add speed to running for scouting either since you have mounts in the game aswell.

solution: Keep the buff to climbing/swimming but remove the sprinting buff. But also buff the base nonsprinting speed slightly.

2nd change that HAS to be made mainly for PVP purposes. Mad berserker need to have the stagger immunity gone.
Reason; Stagger is one of the mechanics that actually makes people have to dodge out of trouble. Now when 25% hp left they can just simple run in a straight line more or less and get into safety. Stagger needs to be a part of the game no matter what, it makes your fighting experience more fun and challenging and also more rewarding.

2nd reason it should be gone.
You have 2 different 20 str perks. One that gives (while below 25%hp) +10% additional dmg, immunity against stagger and knockdown and also +50 extra armor.
2nd one. 25% longer stagger for heavy attacks, and no longer rebound of shields.
Compare these 2 and tell me wich one is the most obvious one to use?

One that gives +armor +dmg immunity against stagger and knockdown. Or a perk that gives you 25% longer stagger and no rebound of shields? It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. The balance is non existent. It’s pretty obvious for me to see wich one is the strongest and most useful.

3rd; Last stand, it’s a good thought sure but executed real poorly and should not be a part of any PVP game at all.
Reason; You get 95% reduction from dmg for 5 seconds and 1 minute of cooldown to make it active again. You see the problem? No, let me explain then :slight_smile:

Let’s say you fighting/raiding. Most of the time people build pyramids or small houses to run inside to hide. Always been like it and will never change. Problem now is tho, you pretty much have no chance at killing a guy with last stand since he can simply get hit 10+ times when it’s active, and still roll out of danger and hide. Chill a little bit heal up and then run out and have no fear of getting focused and killed and then do the same again.

Last stand could absolutley be there, but the reduction has to be less than 95% wich is pretty much immortal for 5 seconds (even more sometimes depending on how performance is).

Solution is to lower it from 95% to around 60% for 7-8 seconds instead of 5. But also increase the cooldown to like 1 min 30 seconds. That will make people able to kill the last stand player but also give the last stand player to trade rather than run away.

That’s pretty much it for now, this is the main reasons I think PVP overall is in a poor condition, and im pretty confident this would help a lot for even current players and also bringing back people to the game.


Also remove target lock on players.

Sure, but reason is why I didnt suggested it is because I dont know people who quit because of it, some of the one’s above I actually know people decided to leave untill it get fixed. So I see the target lock as a less problem as the one’s I brought up and also affecting PVP overall in a higher range.

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60 % damage reduction is something you can get from good light armor and max Grit. What would be the advantage of this perk as you suggest? The point of the perk is to make you more or less immortal for a brief period when you’re about to bite the dust.

All you need is to keep attacking the player with the current perk for six seconds and they’re dead. And you should be able to keep up with them if they try to run away because every PvPer has AGI 15+ for the extra speed, right?

Rather than make it a useless perk, perhaps reducing the duration to 3 - 4 seconds would be a better solution.

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You dont count in stamina do you? Try to hit someone for 6 seconds straight and that’s only during the perk, after that you need to use 2 more hits to finnish the player.

You dont see the point. Duration is not the problem, the reduction is. Having 95% reduction for 6 seconds is a really long time. You can run pretty far during that time aswell. I dont see 60% dmg reduction as making it useless. Changing the duration to a lower amount would make it more useless. Changing the duration would also make people run away more often, it’s already alot. And like I said, most people build small shacks before they fight so they can run inside and hide, and will last stand thats pretty much impossible to avoid someone for running all the time. People can dodge 2-3 times and still have enough stamina to get away and hide in their base.

With 60% reduction you would still have the chance to die, but also in trades you would pretty much kill anyone that’s not using the perk.

I understand that people having different opinions, but really I saw that this will cause a problem already from TL and it became a problem. The PVP is not as fun and rewarding with some of the perks. And that’s why it should be healthy for the game to have a change.

Keep up with them? I mean, they will have the 15agi perk aswell. So same speed more or less.

No thank you. We do not need anymore PvP centric nerfs robbing the game of anything actually fun, interesting, or effective.


So in your pov you mean PVP is balanced the way it is now?

What is funnier, more effective and more interesting now compared to how it would be with my suggestion?

There is a trend now that people leaving PVP because of the lack of balance. If Funcom want a game to grow, they need good balance and a good performing PVP platform. That’s not how it is now.

I’m saying I don’t want to see perks that are effective in PvE nerfed into nothingness just because some people in PvP don’t like them.

And something not being fun in PvP or making it harder to kill people doesn’t say anything about balance. If everyone is using those perks all the time, then yes that would be balance.

You cannot just increase base run speed, it’s already too easy to flee from encounters. It would make early game even more trivial for new players. Stagger resistance is there to give people a chance to survive when low on health in a situation where stun lock could happen. Etc etc.

This is a game with a PvP mode, it is not a PvP game.


And none of my suggestions would cause that. Since it would still be stronger than before 3.0. PVE overall is pretty much really easy.

Im not saying that in particular. But look over the different perks. Like my example above with 20 str perk. For what reason would you even go the one that gives you 25+ stagger instead of mad berserker?

What I am saying is, that some of these perks is not fun to have in PVP. I doubt it would make a difference for PVE aswell, or I know it wouldnt. Because it was not there before.

“You cannot just increase base run speed”? Wdym? Yes it’s already to easy to run away. But that’s also why 15 agi perk shouldnt have increased speed for running. Early game would be the same as it is now, since as sook you get this 15 agi perk everyone has the same speed. But thing is also, this speed is causing d sync problems like I also explained.

“Stagger resistance is there to give people a chance to survive when low on health in a situation where stun lock could happen. Etc etc.”

Why we have stagger and also an perk that buffing stagger if people supposed to be immune against it? I get the reason for it. But I think the reason is wrong. It makes the PVP less rewarding, and fighting more non existent.

This game is with PVP mode, and PVE mode. It’s a survival game. Dont make it sound like it’s mainly PVE because that’s not the case. As much it is combat against NPC’s it has combat amongst players. And for a fun fact. PVP games is more appreciated by players. If you want a big game you have PVP in it, but it must be good and balanced.

Wholly disagree with your last statement. The is nothing to suggest PvP players appreciate any game more than the PvE players.

We’ve already been down this road in another topic, so I just tossed my answer back in the mix.

I don’t like your proposed “solutions” and find them detrimental to the game as a whole.

I also love when people say “but PvE is already easy.” And? People like to feel like their characters are powerful, they finally do and PvP screams nerfs.


Too much going on in 1 game:
surviving, leveling, enslaving, building, decorating, combat, offline raiding, landscaping, role-playing, sorcery, bugs exploiting, server lagging
Even with perks redone and weapons rebalanced, in a real fight you still can be outnumbered and watch your enemies teleporting when the number of players hit 40+

Unless they seperate PVP from the rest and make new server rules that focus on combat alone, you won’t have fun at it.

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Yeah player numbers drop after an initial jump in population with new content release.

And I’ll jump into any topic i please that is suggesting changes to game features and mechanics.

Funcom needs to quit neutering the game based on PvP complaints. Not once have I seen a post along the lines of “I really enjoy the PvP in this game, it’s so well done.” There will always be some new PvP complaint, there always is. And it’s not exclusive to Conan, when things are competitive people complain.


Why you worry about last stand ? Glutton for punishment beats it alrdy and is much more used. Especially in small scale/solo it beats last stand by a lot.

Official servers need to be properly moderated and we need overall mich better performing server, as long as that’s not the case, it doesn’t matter what you change here and there the pop will never stay up because the moment the pop is up the server are laggy af, not to mention when 2 bigger clans clash, the teleporting left right center and shadowhits are all over the place.

Play private pvp server if you want a healthy good and fun pvp expierience


Why does it drop tho? Since I know many that tested out 3.0 but didnt like it, I would guess alot of other didnt aswell. It’s an keep on problem that FC fail to keep players, is it because lack of content? Lack of pve stuff? I doubt that, I think they lost way to much having a poorly working PVP mode.

You know why? Because it isnt. But people love the game, so barking at people coming with suggestions because you call it nerfs, wont help the game, you, me or anyone playing this game :slight_smile:

I dont worry about last stand.

" Especially in small scale/solo it beats last stand by a lot" sure in 1v1 arena, glutton beats last stand, but Conan isnt about arena. I doubt you’ve been playing teamfights when there is pyramids around.

It seems like you didnt read my explanation on why I think last stand needs to be reduced to 60%. It should still help you in fights. But it should not make you immortal and pretty much be safe as long you have buildings around. Conan should be challenging, not take 10 dmg/hit and make you pretty much safe for 6 seconds. 6 seconds is a long time in this game.

And yes I play private servers, I’ve never seen you tho and i been on several for a couple of years.

I’m calling it a nerf because your suggestion is a nerf. And the population drops because people run through new content and get bored.

And my point was PvP players haven’t been happy since launch, it’s a sinking ship because games like this always, always, always favor numbers. The winners are the people with the most free time and the most players on their side. But for some reason you seem to think PvPers are the backbone of the community and single handedly keeping this game alive.

You basically just described exactly our issues in combat recently.

Seemingly impervious foes that ran into their huts at the slightest inclination of defeat or run and run and run and run.

Despite that we tried to adapt and still could have won the “war” if it weren’t for a hacker wiping us. Y’know, by placing bombs through our walls and hit box pulling.

I was wondering this myself. Granted I experimented with it in the corruption builds (yeah I know another topic though) with marginal success as thralls damaging others healed me up but glutton is still king for level 20.

Is it? Have you really tried going 5 people with last stand against 5 ppl with glutton in open world PVP? :slight_smile: I have, both teams equally good, glutton was fighting last stand was running inside base, without any chance killing them :slight_smile: Very fun gameplay.

Trust me, I been trying to adapt aswell. You cant really do anything against last stand, because of what it says in it description, 95% dmg reduction. Sure you can stagger them a couple of times. But people dont seem to understand that by stagger them u need to use your stamina, and even after last stand is out, they have around 40-50% hp left most of the time :slight_smile: People seem to have a hard time understanding the problem with a perk like that. In conan you should not by any chance be immortal.

Not really, those 15k players that dropped 2 months later is not out of content. You have to open your eyes and realise the game is not as perfect as you think it is. :slight_smile:

And yes it can be called a nerf, or a balance. But my suggestion is still not nerf it to the ground. It’s still useable. The same way it is now, except that you need to think before handling :slight_smile:

I switched to last stand out of curiosity myself about 2 weeks ago. I am not the best pvper but can hold my own. I accept death well XD but boy oh boy, I died a lot less and was able to get out of many sticky situations.

I think you’ve brought up something that should be discussed for sure.

I don’t know if it needs nerfing, I’d be inclined to run further tests and analyze combat more before I cast my opinion in to the pool.

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