Suggestions to make game (especially PVP) enjoyable again


Yes, I mean no matter how good or bad you are last stand is just a perk that doesnt make sense. You can pretty much stand still for 6 seconds, have 5 people hitting you and after 6 seconds, double dodge, have 60%stam left meanwhile the enemies has 0 stam :slight_smile:

It’s a run perk. And I thought people wanted to have faster combat and more dangerous combat. With this perk, it’s the opposite. Remember when people shouted about herbal + haunch healing, it was to easy to heal. Now you dont even need to heal, you can just run without taking dmg for a long time in conan perspective. And have it reactivated after 1 min, and 1 min for that manner pretty much anyone can survive with just running or hiding inside a base.


Feels like Siptah and CE need to separate boundaries on origins of fun. I’m not sure if that is wise. I just see a different paradigm.

Yup, and couple with regen heal, running away is super easy. Not to mention the jump into shelter. We’d ensure we’d take down their structure but of course there was tink tinking, rebuilds, pull bracelet, summon corpse, etc.,… It didn’t matter if we were smarter or more strategic than them.

A lot to think about for sure.

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There balancing skill are probably the worst I’ve seen in a survival game

They not the best no. And also, people who tries to help get jumped on every thread is also pretty tiring. There is not many left that even bother giving feedback on stuff.

There is a reason playerbase aint growing, and from my experience people mostly dont want to play because of 1: Poor performance. 2: Bad balance. 3: Bugs/glitches.

If FC want to succeed with Dune, they should start to figure out how to make conan good in the first place. Because if they make Conan good, more people most likely will try out their new games.

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And people getting banned for building or just being mass reported. They should really never perma ban someone . But exactly what they need to do. Why start making a game when you can’t even finish another

Im not going to add much to this but personally i dont think the agility and strength perks should apply outside their weapons brackets.

The combined perks are leading to some insane weapons hits. And making taking both a no brainer, certain weapons getting nerfed cause of it,

Take those out, then tweak certain other perks 95% for last stand is high maybe not 60% but theres middle ground.

Immune to stagger would matter less for agility builds as alot of points for a tree that gets you not much else.

The run perk needs toning down a tad in my opinion fine, keep it but its a big difference atm could be a bit lower and still be effective.

Tweak NOT destroy.

That or take out stam, carry weight for agility strength and force a stat change

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Finally someone who coming up with own ideas. Thanks.

In my opinion, the perk in it’s whole is not a problem. The problem is when the perk counter out the other perk. If you add +25 longer stagger on one of the 20 str perks then it’s pretty weird to make you immune against stagger with the other one 20 str perk. That’s why I only suggest them removing stagger immunity.

I see what you mean, I dont know the perfect number ofc. But somewhere around 60-70% I think would be better, so atleast you can get killed even with the perk active.

Thing is with 15 agi perk that gives you faster running speed is that you d syncing a lot more, because it’s to fast. I think the speed is way to high aswell even if it wouldnt d sync. The sprinting speed without the perk is close to how it was before, and I didnt see anyone ask for it to be faster.

But also, having a speed perk will pretty much force people into using that perk to be able to keep up with the rest. I dont see it as a good thing, and it was implemented with 3.0, never seen anyone shouting about it earlier either. I think it’s more than enough to only have additional speed for climbing and swimming but also less cost as it is now, for climbing especially.

Explains why no one has reported the katana or drawbridge before. No one cared/cares :slight_smile:

Same with Mario oneshot. Yes, it was exepnsive in the past, so not really worth it. But possible. On private servers: forbidden. Same with plundering weapons completly destroying your attribute builds before 3.0. On private servers they had to be forbidden as well to achieve more balance.

Now it is super easy to achieve mario build insta kills and people are getting aware of it.

PvE players do not care. Because when they die, they can simply run back to their body and pick their stuff up again. Imagine they lose all their loot when they die. I bet the forums would be full of posts…

Also PvE players contribute nothing towards exploit hunting. Because they don’t care. They even abuse them sometimes and are happy about that. But nobody cares then because it is PvE.

And you know why PvE players are not calling for nerfs? Because PvE is easy already and if they would ask for a weapon nerf, they would shoot themselves into their feet.

The only PvE nerf call I have seen was about the Arena Champion. And the Arena Champion is maybe 30% of the difficulty of what we have in PvP. But oh my when we ask to get rid of oneshot mechanics that make no sense at all to make the game more balanced and enjoyable.

The call to nerf herbal tea and haunch healing impacted PvE. In a positive way, because it made the game more challanging. Same with the dodge roll nerf that no one asked for.

Imagine, just imagine it would say: 25% longer stagger, no rebound off shield and PIERCES stagger immunity :slight_smile:


Sounds like, instead of adjusting your build to counter another then you would rather have that build adjusted for you.

Cripple deals with players running away, have a backup Greatsword or bow.

Cripple deals with players who use Last Stand. Cripple them so they don’t go anywhere so you can kill them during the 1 min CD.

Adjust your build or carry solutions.


Do you actually expect people to get off their spear meta? Nah ain’t happening pokeypokey mate :slight_smile:

It’s just to easy to abuse the broken Kingslayer skin


If you’re fighting someone and they run and hide into their little pyramid, then you won?

I feel you though. There are too many ways to escape PVP in this game. It takes actual stomach and effort to stand your ground and fight someone to the death, knowing that you’ll lose your kit if you die. Most of the time someone loses their nerve and runs, or tries to. And it’s not hard to get away unless you’re being ganged up on.

I don’t mind the AGI perk where it is in theory, it means someone has to invest heavily into AGI to get it. The problem is how it shakes out in game. There’s no incentive not to go 20/20 AGI/STR and get it all. Both the VIT 20 perks are good in different ways, I feel like there’s just an annoying tactic atm that uses Last Stand.

The two final STR perks need to be fixed, I agree.

That would be amazing. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt PVE at all. Except for making it easier to smash skellies and everyone loves smashin skellies.


Can corpses still be harvested which triggers a loot bag?

Yep and more yep. Be batman, not bane.

You make a conscious decision to engage in full loot PvP knowing full well the risks and we are what? Supposed to feel sorry for you?

The leaps you guys make to exaggerate the importance of PvP is astonishing.

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Unless you play PvP naked, you already have 60 % damage reduction or better from wearing armor. So the perk would do absolutely nothing.

Have you tried hitting them with harpy daggers or spear, @Kikigirl ?

Majority of the players aint playing siptah.

Lol. You for real? :rofl:

Please, show me how to do. I it works when you have harpy weapons. But I dont play siptah :slight_smile:

Pokey pokey, it the same for any weapon lol.