1 year later, same game, same problems


8 may is coming, but problems with game still same.

  1. Cowards still run away from you and you cant do anything to kill them 1x1 | 2x1.

Some guys talk about ranged weapons to deal dmg or shoot their legs to stop them.
But is good in conversation and rly bad in game, if you dont hunt them > 4x1.

  • Top bows deal super low dmg to 60lvl medium armor and almost 0 to heavy. If victim have some food or heal potions you cant kill him, if havent you’ll spent 10+ min to kill him.

  • Slow from from arrows or javelins still low, ~3 sec. You can just overtake him and he already can run away from you.

  • And last problem is to aiming, when you chase someone. It’s almost impossible to shoot them down, besides some newbies who runs in a straight line. You can’t fire and move, but if you stop and miss, your victim will run away to mexican border.

I’m really frustrated because of this. In games like rust, arc and etc. you have million ways to kill someone if you stronger | better without chase show. New battle system good for arena and pve, but so bad for chasing someone, feels like Funcom developers never tried to kill someone who dont wanna fight to death with them.

  1. repair | build under raiding

Again some guys talk about gas orb, spears through the wall and etc.

And again same situation like first, this may help you agains 1 guy, but if you raid house with 2 or more guys alive with tonz of resorses? No chance.

  1. Easier to recive free top weapons then try to craft starmetall or dragonbone. Before this update that was blackice swords, now all leg weapons from bosses. Ah sad. But anyway this problem still 100 times smaller then first 2.

So, Funcom pls do something with this, i beg you. :tired_face:

And sorry for my eng, i know it sucks.


All sounds more like a YOU problem. Like if you can’t do it your way you feel its broken. Try changing things up if what you’re doing isn’t working. =P


Ok, lets think this way. I’m wrong, so tell me how you avoid my problems with “broken game”.

  1. You aren’t going to be able to catch EVERYONE. otherwise more grit and you’ll be able to keep pace or gain on them.

  2. So you’re outnumbered and on the offensive and you’re having trouble… duh

  3. This isn’t really a problem but you still added it.

  1. More grit wont help you (like 5-15 points). You’ll still run for someone for ages. 15+ grit wont help you too. You’ll waste all (dmg\hp) stats to just overtake someone, deal 1 hit and run again and again. And if he have some food you’ll never kill him.
    I think i should have way to catch everyone if i spend some time for preparations. But now i havent this way at all.

  2. Outnumbered? why you think that i’ll go raid alone? i doesnt matter 1-2-3-4 or 10 guys try to raid, when 2-3 guys repair the wall. You cant just blow down wall in 1 moment with 4-5 jars in 1 place, so after explosion they’ll repair wall to 100%.

  3. Why its not problem? My logic is like: better weapons - harder to recive, common weapont - easy to craft. Now is upside down, easy to recive - top weapons, common trash - hard to craft.

As for current weapon balance I’m not sure if you are going to get anything before the 8th. At this point they are full steam ahead on releasing so I expect it will be pretty unbalanced at launch. As for running away to stay alive, that is a pretty widespread tactic in the animal kingdom and very effective.

I for one will be looking forward to the updated devkit so I can mod into balance for my players until funcom is able to recover from this last sprint they are doing and get back to correcting some of the balance issues.

Sadly nets and bolas aren’t in the game at this time as those were very effective in the ancient world at taking down a fleeing enemy.

Well, but this tactic without methods to counter kills all pvp. All time when you close to lose pvp, just eat meat, run away and look how your enemies fly away from the solar system on buttfire rocket.

Yeah bolas to root someone will be fine. But …

Long time ago there was a method to attack when run, i still have no idea why FC remove it without any alternative.

Yeh, not sure why either. Even the time it take to execute a lunge attack lets a running player outpace the reach of the attack. This is fair but at the same time it does make a runner in this game un-killable which is not fair. We’ll probably be nerfing healing on my server using the devkit once everything is out but I agree that isn’t a real solution. I’m hopeful that they will have the time to work on this stuff after launch because for sure they don’t have time right now.

This is very true. Can’t do much about it and bow’s crippling won’t help.


When you want to murder someone, you meet them back at their home.

A rat who ain’t got no-where else to run, ain’t gonna run.

Conan is more than just swinging a bigger male genital at someone. It’s more about REALLY ■■■■■■■■ someone up.

That someone keeps running away from you? Build a Trebuchet in front of his house. See how far he’s gonna run then.

Srsly. Nobody does strategy anymore.


So you think it’s ok to run away when noone can catch you?

Well, nevermind, PK dead in game, lets take your strategy. Rat in his house sitting with construction hammer, rats always have huge amount of resouses. Go to 2nd problem of this thread: you cant broke their wall when this rats online.

What you gonna do? W8 when he go farm or find another sleeping rats?

You already started the topic all wrong… “same game, same problems”

Are you really sure you played the game the same ammount of time as a lot of players here did? Because if you can’t see the BIG changes the game had, you clearly have a sight/brain problem.

The “problems” you pointed, is all about “Get Gud”, and not a bad game design, you say “cowards” that run, but i bet you had run when you were about to die, so please, dont complain about the game not being the way YOU want, because you’re not capable enough to outskill someone who can run from you, its about being good for EVERYONE.

Do a favor for you, and for us all, go play something else.


I can’t even believe this is even a question. lol

If the person isn’t going to win, do they have to stay there and die by your hand?? Sure, you may want them to, but from a survival stand-point it’s kind of stupid to stay there and die without trying to save yourself. There’s nothing wrong with escaping from a losing battle, hence the saying “For he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day”.


I disagree, the true skill, lies about in you chasing the prey, you gotta get em when they’re tired, ran out of stamina.

And cripple can be very effective if used right, if changes are made for ppl not being able to flee, the game turns into high end heavy armor/weapon users dominating the field because they will have more defense/dmg against the ones who can’t run.

Strategy and cleverness > lmitations on gameplay.

In PvP, that’s up to you ainit? How far are you willing to go, to not let him get away with running away from you? If the hunter gives up chase, then the prey earned his right to live.

If I was pissed enough, and that guy were my arch nemesis…

I’d siege that rat, and he spams the hammer on the wall, he’s gonna log out cuz he knows i’m having more fun than him. Having him run around his base like a crazy maniac trying to fix 8 blocks at once. He’s gonna log out.

That is when i’d prepare more ammo. Build foundations near his resources to disable them. Line up archer thralls all around his base.

But get this.

What if the prey isn’t interested in messing with you? It should very well be within his right to run away from you. Your asking rabbit’s legs to be clipped, here. That ain’t balance. That’s just serving people up to griefers without a counter.

You asking for a free frag? Cuz that’s what it sounds like.

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I played 450+h a bit less then 1 year. When i start there was problem with raiding and lkm click click battle system.
Now still problem with raiding and still problem with battle system but now because of PK.

Same for you, if you havent ration answer better then ‘gitgut’ skip this thread.

I want to talk without agression with people who have same problems or who have solution for them.

Mano…pega uma chupeta relaxa e para de chorar.
O problema é vc seu nub.

sorry, i make this question wrong, because of my low eng.

I doesnt meam that victim shouldnt run away, he should try. I mean hunter must have a way to catch victim. Right now i cant see this way.
In old battle system , when you can hit when run you should just jave more stamina to kill prey. In Rust you shoul have better aim to kill victim. In ARK you just should have faster dino.

So, you want to talk with people who have the same problems, and these problems are " I can’t kill people because they run, and I can’t hit them with arrows because im bad at aiming with a ranged weapon."

So, you ask for a solution for griefers, but forget that this is a problem for every other player who prefers a more tactical gameplay.

This is no solution at all, I went agressive because this is a childish complain, think about balance, preventing people from running is no balance, you gotta learn how to catch’em!

Btw, 450hours, is nothing compared to most of people testing the game thro the ea. I’m not even a full time player because of my job, and I have 620 hours.

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As for the healing, on today’s stream they mentioned it is bugged. Currently healing just goes and goes but the way it’s supposed to work is if you take damage while regenerating it stops regenerating completely.