Problem I see at pvp

I was looking at rts games and once remove or have weak points then the whole system crumbles.

I think first part is the bow it’s first line defensive but way it was design and lack ai to use this is huge failure.

So improve raiding that they have rework the bow.

First off they need make where player and thrall can use it as same. If they want snipe they should make ballista or scorpion to replace that range.

Second the game is trying starving on performance issuer then why have projectile that eats up data and become so entangled on being lag free to work decent. Should be hit box and run rng for hit miss. Where running no longer be able not to get hit. Only dodge where gives u immunity against attacks.

Then at certain range it no longer does damage or any special arrows explode at certain range.

I think remove arrows and replace with quivers that has infinite arrows that build over time. So every couple minutes it makes an arrow based on mat that quiver is made out of.

Now archery would be stablished as defensive and then increase doors to walls hp.

Double hp walls

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