ARCHERY: are you ever going to make it good?

I have over 1000 hours in this game and purchased the game for Early Access release.

ARCHERY HAS SUCKED SINCE DAY 1…other than the crossbow glitch where you could rapid fire them that has been the ONLY time I’ve ever seen in the game archery do well which is very sad a year into Conan being playable.

I don’t why games like rust can figure out how bows work and this game cannont.

Are you ever going to really give archery some love???

Instead of just complaining…here are some Ideas:

  1. Cut the weight of the arrows by at least 75%
  2. Make projectiles fly 20x faster
  3. Cut the arrow drop in half maybe more.
  4. Make arrows have hit more of the body as it make the arrow heads larger so that even though the game isn’t still very optimized you can at least have a chance.

If you don’t want to fix it, just get rid of it.


I would add to it,
That the accuracy of the split points does not increase the amount of damage and the armor breaks of the bows or rabbits are pitifully weak,
a warrior running paced in pvp will hit him and hit him with 2 blows.

an archery fighter is too tied and motion free when he moves does not have the strength to shoot,
It should reduce the cost of stamina, or increase the damage by proximity,
eg full-bodied damage up to 100% could be caused as frontal damage would occur and armor breaks would increase by 100% …

In addition, the throwing weapons can be used in close combat if more than one arrows are made in the same slot as the arrows to be able to toss in either melee with 1 hand throwing ball or throwing spear.

And also based on what has been described above, they will also get the changes so that it makes sense to use them.