Archery Suggestion/Question

So, did they ever unscrew archery in this game? Or, fix how unintiuitive it is or is there a mod that does that? I don’t mean to talk smack about their vision or whatever they have for it; but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that no one who actually likes to use a bow and arrow (in any game whatsoever) thinks that auto-arcing and auto-aim or whatever words you’d use to describe how the archery and arc system work in this game, is good; damage aside. With even mild practice, and not having to take into account things like wind and such, placing long distance shots is very, very simple on moving targets, and the whole system for it makes it just utterly confusing and out of touch. It’s different, but it certainly is not good and I’m confident about that enough to say otherwise is objectively wrong.

At any rate, conan exiles is a bit of a large game for me to install to figure out, and google doesn’t give me relevant information necessarily, everything is extremely dated. So, did they ever fix it, or at least make the unintuitive aiming toggleable, or is there a mod that disables it? Please, tell me, because I want to start playing again with some friends but I won’t if that isn’t the case.

If not, that’s all I’d suggest. If you want to make it so that people who want to use archery as their main form of combat have to completely dedicate themselves to it to have mediocre damage, that’s fine, that’s easily fixable by mods too, but firing a bow and arrow should at least be consistent.

Changes to archery is currently on test live for bug testing and feedback from players. Additional arrow types were added a couple of patches ago … going to be tweaked again with this next patch. There is a test live specific forum section now so have a read through those posts to see what others think of the changes.

Changes to bows were also featured in the latest community stream and newsletter - see link below:

If you do not watch streams then have a look at this summary that Multigun has very kindly created for the community:

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