Ps4 Bow Fix and Ideas for Improvement

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Region: America

Ps4 bows have a tendency to shoot blanks with light attacks. The temporary fix for it to work properly again is to un-equip and re-equip it. And during a battle never know how many times it will do this. Please fix this. And also would like to ask for you guys to get rid of 2nd light attack spinning shot animation or make it work properly. Its currently broken throws arrows way off target and this is with raw aim specified. Seeing I do not like using auto lock on a bow because that is also broken for ineffectiveness on landing a shot. And I honestly feel should be removed for bows and throwing weapons all together. Only time auto-lock works most efficiently is when your face to face with someone. I’d much push for ridding of auto-lock with more accurate registration of shots then making auto-lock more accurate. But would be a great edition to remove auto lock for bows and throwing weapons and or remove auto-lock all together with better controller sensitivity settings I could see that being the future of Conan Exiles. A Competitive game with raw skill. And also please add better look and aiming control settings. It is very choppy it’s either left or right or up and down. Would be great to be smoother and have better settings for sensitivity ect. On a side note mention heard about it in test live from FireSpark update video I do believe but just in case mentioning again. Thralls not swinging a weapon placed in there inventory. And I hope you guys tweak stuff around for the thralls to identify what weapon to use if placed multiple in inventory with bow and melee at the same time would be nice. Like a register box primary, secondary(bow) offhand(shield, throwing axe) ordeal. With the same concept now if distant it shoots a arrow with a bow and when up close to target pulls out melee. This way if a melee weapon or bow is not registered in equip box thrall will not use it if placed in inventory. Could vision a letter identifier attachment symbol on weapons indicating it’s a primary, secondary, or offhand ect. I appreciate the work you’ve guys done fixing stuff and adding new content. If it’s pvp related for a edge on a opponent or to have some cool cosmetics while fighting I typically will buy it haha

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use a bow
  2. Use light attacks
  3. Un equip Re equip
  4. Let it start shooting blanks for you again and not register shots on opponent

Hello @Elder-Uriel, welcome to the community!

Could you state if you’ve had this issue with specific combinations of bows and arrows?
Does it happen while simply using light attacks or while alternating between light and heavy?
Do the attack animations persists while the issue is in effect?
Is the projectile seen being shot out of the bow at all?

For sharing feedback on the current bow mechanics, please open a post on the suggestions section of the forums, so other players may also participate:

Thrall AI issues are being specifically targeted in the upcoming patches, which include their inability to correctly chose a weapon present in their inventory at times.

You can read more on the issues that have already been addressed in the patch notes over at the TestLive forums:


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