Allow us to shove with a shield still up

Please allow us to finally hold the shield out and attack straight forward with it (use the boss dammit) and remove the recovery penalty (stam recovery) for heavy armor as we are already use more stam running and climbing in it anyway why the doubledip penalty??

All the silent agreement proves this point. I hope we can get this patched.

I have to admit I do like the idea of this.

Yet keep it in for medium and light? I doubt highly that Funcom would do that.

Heavy recovery is way more than medium and light atm. In meta of debuffs this time can be game breaking. Not remove it just reduce across the board . The stam recovery with all the stagger effects requiring many times a roll away on top of being much slower adds up.

I do not disagree with you, I just don’t see Funcom making an item that works one with with Heavy armor and a different with with Medium and Light armor. That was my only point.


Oh, I meant armor in general not just with the shield. Sorry I should have been more specific I appologize.


It would allow for more tactics with the shield.

The stamina uses I can deal with based on the armour type

However what I don’t like is the character refusing to raise the shield even when the block button is pressed down while having a pool of stamina.

This often happens when you finish a animation but press the block button too fast, it should still raise after the animation t.b.h. (sometimes it even refuses while standing still, I tried other keys too… but same “clunky” results).


This is an after effect of the work they did to remove animation canceling. Funcom should smooth that out.


The recovery penalty is tied to how many points in Grit and Encumbrance you have. Of course it makes sense that the base regen rate is slower when you are in heavy armor, because it is heavy armor.

10 points in Agility reduce the stamina cost for running by 25%.
10 points in Grit reduce the stamina cost for climbing by 10%.

What doesn’t make sense is that you can achieve 70% damage reduction in light armor (or even 79% damage reduction in light armor on Siptah), which is very close to medium armor (76%) (or heavy armor 82%).

I need to test your claim that stamina usage whilst running is higher in heavy than in light armor. I felt no difference in my gameplay a few months ago.

You didn’t even wait 1 day. This is a forum. Not a live chat. Wait 1 week at least and then you can make conclusions.

Not entirely, before this animation cancel update I had this issue as well.
Sometimes even when my character had the blocking stance but didn’t block a normal front hit.

It should always “try” to raise shield when the button is held down, repressing the key again usually solves this, but then you’re probably locked into stun or your health eaten away. Which is kinda annoying xD


I love the recovery penalty and the stamina usage while shielding… Adds more tactical thinking when fighting if u should use ur shield or not… Also was implemented mostly to stop cheesing bosses or just locking a target and perma shielding…

I believe that this was a perfect move done by devs towards anti boredom fighting either in pvp or pve

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I am trying to remember, but I only have vague memories. I still have a Client from 2019 installed, where I can test it :smiley:

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That would help also quite a bit. Though still not sure they have been reluctant to add a push with shield option as you are already giving up damage to carry a shield.

Yeah, like this:


Or like the old Greek way of literally putting your shield out in front of you and pushing against your enemy with it .

Not exactly sure when I encountered this issue, I usually didn’t use shields because of this bug nog blocking, but nowadays using a shield is a requirement haha

Would maybe funny to see to someone who just runs up to boss with a shield and whooosh there they go !

Oh, I would like to know why? :slight_smile:

As I would like to know why not ? :smiley: