Combat Suggestions (Dodge, enemy defense and stealh)

Hello dear barbarians,

I’m really enjoying the game and I want to share some suggestions about the combat with you.

  1. I think that the roll move to dodge sometimes can be excesive, so I think that can be a good thing to have both quick-step dodge and roll dodge to use depending of the situation. Also It feels unrealistic that you can’t run when you are full of charge, but you can still dodge very quickly, so the weight should afect aso the dodge movement.

  2. Some times the enemies keep rushing on you even when they are being severely damaged. I think that could be great if they are capable to get covered by shield with more frenquency, dodge and go back to keep their position near an ally.

  3. The stealth system could be improved and expanded to allow surprise attacks that deals serious damage. Currently the enemy detection feels a bit unbalanced cause sometimes you can run near an enemy without detection, but sometimes you are aproeacing to them in stealh mode an you can be detected from far away.

I hope this suggestions to be useful to improve this great survival game.

Keep the good work guys! I’m having fun with the game : )

That’s true. Before I could get the Momentum perk, I’d simply take my clothes off so I could dodge roll further to speed myself up when over encumbered. It makes a big difference in travel times.