Jump Attack and Tracking

Hey there exiles!

Just some suggestions for an already amazing game!

  1. Jump Attack! It would be nice to be able to Leap at an enemy running away and crash down with a hammer or greatsword.

  2. Tracking ability. My buddy i play with had the idea as to create a little depth to the game, itd be cood to be able to earn a perk in maybe the agility ability that would allow you to see the tracks of players who had recently passed by. It would help break up the knight/barbarian build and add a Ranger feal to the game!

That’s all i got! Thanks for the great game!


Tracking would be nice, but I see that fitting more the survival tree than agi, makes more sense, and it should work different from armor type, light armor leave tracking marks last few minutes, while heavy armor would last more.


@Caco i agree with the survival rather than agility. It would give a reason to actually put something into survival as well, even in later game!

It would create alot of new strategizing to suddenly see someone has been near your base, possibly scouting for an attack, or stealing!


I like the tracking idea in principle, but I have a feeling that it’d kill (busy) servers to have to keep track of this information.

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