Battle changes I'd like to see

Oh for the love of Mike, let me turn off that charge attack. Might as well run up and spit on them.
My usual way to attack is to charge in and do a heavy. Now I have to charge in, stop. Then do my heavy attack. If the charge did as much damage as a heavy attack I’d have no issue with it.

Make shields do real damage. I’d like to see some battle shields, say T2 shield with T1 defense but do more damage in an attack. As in a light attack shield; buckler. And
Set your charge attack to be a ram if you are carrying a shield. Like to be able to use the weapons damage kits on them. But as they stand shields are just a wasted attack.

Like to see the charge attack with a shield be a ram, knock an opponent back and down plus sunder.

Fix the roll defense. When they slowed this down it went from a defensive roll to a kids tumble. Your enemy can just walk with you as you roll.

I’m sure others have some changes to battle they would like to see.


Get some agaility mate, for better rolls.

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I agree and disagree at the same time. I do like where you’re goin’, but also like like the new sprint attacks. My daggers miss 88.9% of intentional 1st strike. (hindsight = this input holds no value)

I’m an ax man. I do like to give daggers to my followers because of the back flip defense. Sort of signals it’s my turn lol
But for the tumble, even maxed agility and no armor the tumble is still slow compared to the original roll.

I havnt found a use for running attack, other then pissing me off.

Yep, The AI and Player are just to quick for roll to stand out like it should. The old roll was OP, the reversion of it… meh.

Can’t argue with that. It always seems to be boon or bust lol

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