Make the "lock on" mechanism a perk of the accuracy progression

Right now, especially on siptah, the combat meta is using feroxic daggers, and people will lock on and spam light attacks/sprint attacks. I personally think it’s a bit of a cheap mechanic that gives too much of an advantage, and is auto enabled on official servers, but I think if using it came with a cost of your stats not being as high for str/agi/vit, etc it would be better balanced. If you had to for example get 30 points into accuracy to use that ability, it would make sense that you could build into it and it would be a part of your toolkit, rather than just a general feature everyone gets.


It would give more advantage to higher lvl players, so I am sorry I can’t agree here. The high level players already have enormous advantages against lowest level players , the lock target skill, I say skill because you need some skills to fight with it, is the only chance a low lvl player has against the high level. Especially now that cannot escape the fight.

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That would be the final nail in the coffin for me,

as someone who needs to use target lock since my hand don’t fully work properly with my nerve damage id be putting the game down for good if they took away target lock for everyone


Instead of that, how about “Called shot”. The arrow only targets the weakest point of the target regardless on where the arrow hits. So in Siptah, yeah that some really nice serpent bracers your got there to give you that +8 strength…too bad your armor is junk in that location and my skill with a bow is great enough to pinpoint that exact spot.

Mix and match armor and there can be

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