Is the game too vertical ? A debate around pvp balance

Hello there,

today i wanted to share with u guys my opinion about the curent pvp meta & more overall the balance
between diferents sets of armors & weapon.

ATM this is comon knowledge that spear rule among all type of weapon aside from a 40/40/40/0/20/20/0 build
(reached with flawless set, red lotus powder & legendary weapon) and i think that’s the problem.

There is a wild variant of weapon in the game, but non of it is represented in it because of the out of place
fast paced heavy combo + range of hit.

From my perspective i feel that Funcom should Interchange the heavy opener of the spear with the one of the 1 hand sword.

Aside from that, what are your thoughts around pvp meta and his evolution from everyone with a Hammer to everyone with a spear ?

p.S : Forgive my language loophole, i’m not (yet) a good bilingual

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You would be surprised, but this is exactly how spears worked back in 2017. This was causing huge problems because you could literally stand still, then hold heavy attack, release it and jump 10-15 blocks forward. And you can still reproduce this bug today with a sword (jump distance will be shorter but idea is the same).

Funcom wants to “up” other weapons instead of just “nerfing” the spears. To do that you need to address primary weapon issue - player have to able to RELIABLY hit his target.
Right now using spears is like using an assault rifle - you have you crosshair right in the middle of you screen, you pull the trigger and damage will be delivered at the expected point. It’s easy to compensate for target movement and server lag, because of how fast you can hit and how easy you can estimate weapon endpoint. And if throw in spear damage numbers, which already are on the same level or even higher then other weapons…
Using any other weapons is nowhere near as easy, because you cant predict the point of impact. And even if you can do that in theory (2H sword first heavy) - it takes forever to execute.
Attack animations look sick in staged Youtube videos, but in real in-game scenarios you fail to hit you target twice as much as you do with the spear.

As long Funcom fails to understand that, everyone will be running spears.

I don’t know man, they removed the spear rush a long time ago, and you can see some hold mecanics with the 2h hammer with no metabreaking issue.

the fact is that Funcom wanted to do some kind of rock/paper/sissor for equilibrium between weapon but the spear represent the well in it.

To me if the first heavy spear hit was slower, it could loose some power wisouth loosing it purpose.
But weapon with faster kit like dagger or throwing axe/sword could counter it aswell

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