Lag and the 2 handed Spear (Feedback)

I know my set up is a mess, and no antidotes on my bar… not looking for tips 

This is just what I could grab, get back into the fight and I had no choice but to pick up the meta weapon (2h spear) that I have avoided all this time (2700h, I only play online)

I fell so disheartened when I saw how much easier the weapon was to use over all others, even in the hands of someone that had never used it, that was in heavy armor when there are used to light or medium (so I can roll) and had stats set up for a different type of build.

It needs to be balanced out, or why bother using anything but the 2 handed spear, when I comes to important pvp. It’s spoiled pvp for me, seeing how mastering the other weapons was silly, the advantages for a 2 handed spear are huge)
This is proper Fedback Funcom… I hope you listen, I’ve played this game a lot, one many server, in the EU and the US… The lag Is also a huge issue, and added to the 2 handed spear being the only weapons to use. I never complain of lag when I’m killed, cus I guess we are all fighting on the same level… but all I hear, on any popular server is… ‘’the lag’’ *1

And I sure there will be a back lash from players, saying the 2handed spear is not a problem… Put in the time before you jump to defend it, just because it your weapon. Don’t have the time to test all weapons and many build?… well that why you have me giving feedback.

I’m sure if funcom has data on weapons on official pvp server, they will see nearly all are using the 2handed… there has to be a reason.

*1) maybe cut your server by half or 2/3 and have a set of 70 player server, if they are running on a dedicated (no shared) server.

Yep! I totally agree with you.

The balancing is what is going to be hard.
I think the animations should be a tad longer. They are so fast, its insane. Tip tip, tip tip, tip tip → dead. That kind of “fight”. Also force players to continue their combo. 3-5 second window. The weapons got different costs, damage and lenghts on their combo attacks.

I dont know if they have, but…
It must have become clear by now.

I personally dislike handling the spear. I almost hate it. But as the range of 2h swords is that low, they dont make sense in pvp. Daggers? They only make sense against dumb brutes, who stay in one position to attack one.

Hammer is a bad idea on pvp. Its SOOOO slow! Kind of locks one as well.

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Maybe if they forced the full animation, no cancelling animations for any weapons?

when it comes to the hammer, i have found it a good weapons 1 vs 2 people with 2 handed spears (even with some lag). Takes timing and moving, but you can control the space (and a grit build so you can just keep using the light attacks, nearly none stop).

Yes balancing is so difficult. An issue that has to be taking into mind is PVP and PVE players. For example, the 1h axe, its a wonderful PVE weapons, to me, the best. Its AoE with a jump in attack, and kills faster vs a hammer, 2h sword or 2h spear. even with the 2h sword having 72 damage modded and the ask having 59 modded.

But the axe just fails in PvP with the littlest lag. Only with perfect condition can it be sure to make contact, to be sure the target you are casual hitting is really there.

The dagger can work on a lag free server… if you can get in there and get the knock back with the first hit… then the bleed function. works very well… but lag and miss hits make it useless to PVP. made a video on it failing to contact Vs npcs, and even passing though targets. That seems to have been improved, but still good for nothing in PvP with any lag.

If dagger had a , ‘from jump’ attack, it may balance that out. then you can jump down from places, maybe even make an agility build… i would say jump over the first attack, but they always seem to get my :frowning:

My worry would be, they fix things for PvP and then Pve player have an issue… but i guess this is why they pay funcom the big bucks (No idea what they get paid, it just a saying)

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