A spear, spear, spear, and armor!

The other element is that the Life Blood spear took the Meta and amped it up. I get the want to melee people using a preferred weapon instead of another spear.

But with most people hitting with the spear. Then using the life blood on top of that meta the only solution I found was a solid bow build.

Keep range. Light attack. They have to put the spear away and bring it back out to gain the regen. This buys time.

Even with a sub par bow build you fair better with the bow.

Wait until they drop the spear to gain the regen. Either shot them down or go into them with another weapon with reaper poison on it.

You have to keep them busy doing other things than pokey pokey. So drinking set potions. They run out of stam quick.

Its not ideal. But its a counter

Your reasoning and reasoning are interesting! Using a bow as a counter measure with a spear is understandable! But this does not solve the problem of the mass use of spears and light armor by all players in all the rafts! This is not normal!
Developers need to do something with it !!!


I dont disagree at all. I’m 100% with you on that.

What I’m getting at is that if more people countered the Meta with this setup then people would be safer going back to sword and board or another weapon kit.

Recently I have heard that the hyper armor light attacks with the Hammer can mitigate the poke poke of the spear but I have never been good with hammers. So yeah.

Bows dont do much to heavy armor in general.

So my thought process is to use the bow setup to force change in the spear Meta.

But I do agree that in most encounters its spear only because of the range it offers.

The only way to beat that range is to have better range and only missile weapons have that.

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One problem with a bow set up is you need more mats (arrows) , and can only carry x amount.
Then we have to remember the amount of skill needed for either build/weapon. Spear takes little practice to duplicate the meta, while the bow takes skill that can only be attuned over time. IT is a specialist role to nth degree. what more people are wanting from a Conan game is balance the fighting to lean toward swords. In a Civs type game, realistic pike men would be great. But we are talking the mythical hero world of Conan, where people should taste the steel of my sword.

Again. I agree with you. I happen to be a surgeon with a bow. So I get the skill concept behind it.

But I still go melee as well. I want the enemy to taste your Steel too (this sounds odd)

Overall. There should be much steel tasting all around.

I’ll stick with shooting smaller pointy sticks at the big stick users until I can safely use my secondary favorites (Daggers and Axe)

I think the jump from the axe, Mace and thrust of the sword was supposed to counter the spear.

What they need to do is take the stagger off the heavy attack and put it on the light attack for the spear.


Yes. 100% on this.


Would be nice if crevice in the armor wasn’t broken and didn’t not work every other patch lolll

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I very much dislike this idea, and I feel it’d be counterproductive in the context of the problem described in the OP, too. If the first heavy didn’t stagger your opponent, you’d never have the opportunity to make the second attack in a combo because now your opponent could hit you back - so the only option is to roll away and poke and roll away and poke. That “fix” would make the current meta worse than it is now.

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talk for yourselves, i can demolish anyone that use spears, bows, axe, all the other weps wirh my hammer build, since hyper armor on the light attack. If u think u can best me, just create single player and chalenge me.

You demolished yourself when you wrote this comment

This is what I’ve been waiting to hear since they updated the hammer - can it be an effective counter to the spear? Sometimes the meta can be slow to accept change and refuse to believe that a former second-stringer is today’s king, until enough people prove them wrong.

The key word being prove. I’m sure many people would be interested in seeing some videos or streams where you “demolish” spear-fighters. I know NPCs with hammers have become a lot more dangerous since the update, but they’re still only NPCs, so seeing an actual PVP situation would be great.

(No, I don’t PVP myself. I suck at PVP. But I’d rather not see my PVE spear get nerfed into oblivion as collateral damage to PVP “balancing”.)


2h hammer is easily the second best pvp weapon, but it’s still easy to beat with spear if you play well. The lights still come out slightly slower than the spear heavies, so with some good timing the 2h mace user is donezo. On top of that, it’s much harder chasing people down with it. Spear is still the most versatile by far. I’ve also bodied on plenty of 2h hammer users with a katana, so I suppose it’s more a matter of rock, paper, scissors.

Good point, the way to balance is not always on dmg, but animations speed and hitboxes, thats what is missing in the combat system.

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not my gameplay, but u can see This guy using pretty well too. iam not used to record any daily gameplay so, i guesd u can Figure out what hammers can do by watching this.

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i use darfari armor so i can Chase roll anyone that is trying to escape and i can do it much better than spear so…

Too many cutaways. I see damage, but what is really needed is a good full fight sequence to see if the other fighter is any good with the spear.

Fly Hacks is usually playing against noobs. And yes this video is not a proof for hammers being viable.

I do enjoy watching that video. I feel the Meta is changing in that their is more viable options. However would I still recommend spear to anyone? Yeah, the range is worth it.


Yeah, the video shows only partial clips of someone hammering people who, most of the time, don’t seem to be fighting back at all. We don’t know their levels, and the clips are too short to even tell what’s actually going on.

What we need is a good spear-fighter facing a good hammer-fighter with equal-level characters and equal-tier gear if we are to reliably evaluate weapon performance against each other. Heck, I could probably beat someone who’s just trying to climb away.

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You saying that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still slightly slower and not hard to dodge on reaction. If you have more stamina, sure, you’ll catch them. But that’s true with spears too

Edit: also this vid is nice and I can tell he’s pretty good by the tech he’s doing. But the majority of those kills are on people who are out of stamina, the fact that they’re jogging away makes that pretty clear. Only a few of these kills actually show off how good the hammer is. And I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s definitely not broken or OP

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