PC The state of spears

After many many battles, the jump of the spear is almost the same prior to combat re-amp. Why do we have a forward lounge that breaks or makes other weapons not being picked? On ok servers, you can spear roll in light till stun locked. Heavy in most fights are worthless now, but every change has been on the extreme specter. We understand balancing is a issue since solving the chasing simulator is a issue.

While the jump lunge is not nearly as broken as it was the last time it was removed, there is little doubt the spear is by far the best weapon for pvp and in the right hands makes heavy armor worthless.

I am sure once funcom gets back to work the weapon balancing will continue. However, I would rather see some of the un-loved weapons get a buff than see the spear nerfd again. The one handed mace and sword need some buffage along with the daggers. The armor pen nerf really hurt the one handed axe as well. The hammer, once the most OP of exile weapons is now relegated to role play and thralls.

Funcom please give us a counter to spears by making the other weapons great again.


What about the poor poor throwing weapons? xD

Man, when I started this game I wanted to use them as my main weapon. Boy was I disappointed in their performance…

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