Thank you for the Scythe of Thag

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So how about that Scythe of Thag??!! I was pretty surprised when I got it, it looks pretty neat and has some decent damage output. but playing with it? wow how cool!

I like that it uses the Great Axe animations. very cool. to test it out I ran to the mounds and started slaying. WOW. thats all I’ve got there! I spun like a top slicing everything into bits like a blender! berserkers, fighters, you name it!

Again, thanks for the experience hahaha!


Did you get it from a legendary chest.

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No, thag drops it whenever you kill him


Ok probably why I have not heard of it have not done any of the newer dungeons yet. Hope to fix that this weekend. Ty.

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I hope you get it! It’s a random drop between that a mace and nothing. but it’s definitely worth a couple of runs through the dungeon, I usually leave completely loaded with the best resources. and the journal lore is pretty great too, reminiscent of old Conan books!

Sweet. My dad had all the books Conan, Tolkien and others long ago so many books kinda blended together. My wife and I watched the first Conan movie about the time we got married.


Killed him 6times, still no weapon…

And to this day I never got the corrupted 2h mace from Warmaker endboss (Not that I need it)… and killed him way over 12times.

RNGesus help me!


haha yikes I got the corrupted mace first try and the scythe 2nd run! the mace sits all alone in a bin in my base lol, but the scythe is my go to now

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Although Im yet to nab one myself, Im so glad that Funcom put a Scythe into the game. Like yourself, I had been wanting one of these for a long time now. And the two-handed Greataxe moves set suit it. Cant wait to get one.


Made the dungeon with a spanish friend from the server (other clan) and we got at least the mace… Today we will try it for the Scythe… I get the weapon, he gets the new Khari steel :smiley: (I have >250 currently).

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its my go to for crowd combat! It just does a crazy amount of damage!

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I’ve killed him 53 times and still have yet to see the scythe… I’ve gotten the garbage mace twice now… that’s 53 hours wasted because his spawn time is so long…

54 times now

Killed him before and after purge, got nothing… but we Just run through the whole dungeon…
No one wants to make it normal… it feels to forced to rerun…

Thats exactly what I do
After the first time I would only stop to kill the two dudes who actually drop something (drunk and turtle dude) and now I have like 12 water skins and about 20 of the trunches so now I just speed through as it’s not really worth the time to stop. the boss fight was kinda fun the first 10 times but now it is the most absolute slog of a fight and it only takes about a minute and a half to beat him. Once I get the scythe I will never touch this dungeon again. Such great potential wasted by such meh reward

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wow i must be pretty lucky then lol! I have the same issue with the last breath of the red mother though, so i guess its all luck!

we do the dungeon pretty often though for fragments of power and all of the various steel. It’s probably my favorite dungeon.

FoP farming in wine cellar… The whole dungeon provides max up to 5 in one run (or 4 and the flask). UC still seems faster :smiley:
And on the first run you get +4 from the Relic fragments.

Also that the mainboss only respawns after 1 hour is by far just…

I guess I was fortunate to get the Scythe to drop in 3 runs but I’m really struggling to find the value in this weapon.

Switched over to it from my thrall yesterday and it was noticeably less effective vs mobs than my usual hammer.

its honestly not very great it has less damage for your thrall then a sword of crom and less dps then something like the lying bastard sword. they absolutely only reason im farming this god forsaking dungeon (55 kills now and still nothing) is for collection and flex weapon. ive even gone so far as to pass out the steel and recipes to the other clans on the server to keep them from killing it so i can farm the thing without having people kill it so i can do it on the hour every hour… i tried making a post on how they could buff the drops but a good majority of people seem to be content either with whats givin or say its just filler. frankly if we want to get anything more from this dungeon we need a boat load of people telling funcom to do so because atm due to this reward this dungeon is feeling alot like the first one they released as far as reward goes except this ones actually fun your first time you run it.

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57 kills this is absolutley stupid.