Quick question about a weapon


In the opening cinematic, Conan gives Razma a black and silver axe. Is it available in game and if so what’s it called and where do you get it? I’m hoping it’s not the Deathbringer Axe, it doesn’t look like the icon in the wiki and I can’t find any info about it online.
Any info is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Added an image of the axe I’m talking about.

I’m not sure about that specific axe, but there are several styles of one handed axe in the game. They are a favorite of mine against unarmored targets. High damage and they inflict a bleed.

Yeah, I probably should’ve said I’m lvl 60 and been playing since launch. I currently roll with the Dragonbone Axe & Black Bruargh’s Fury (shield) and Tellith’s Sorrow (greatsword).
I’m a bit of an obsessive collector and I’ve wanted the axe since I started playing. I’ll grind for years to get it if I have to (old WoW player).
Thanks though.

Its the conan steel axe…

And you get it from where? Google says nothing.

I think its a Cimmerian Battle-axe at lvl 40

Probably the cimmerian war axe is the best bet. Or the Strangely Familiar Axe( which is a legendary)

It’s not the Cimmerian war axe. Does anyone have an image of the Strangely Familiar Axe. Aside from axe of the lion it’s the only legendary I don’t have.

It has loose similarities with the Battle Axe of the Berserkers but also has differences.

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