Legendary Weapons?

Greetings All,
I got A legendary Spear and it does 35 points less than my Dragonbone Spear.
What the sense to get them if they are weaker?
This one I got from the Circle of spears.
Any Ideas?
Thank You

There are other effects to consider as well, like armor penetration and stat bonuses. Not all legendary weapons are created equal though.


The stats on legendary weapons are attempted to be balanced. The Annihilator has low damage but higher armor pen (iirc)

Some are not too good considering the expense to repair them.

Edit: to correct my logic.

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there are legendary weapons among the strongest in the game. not all of them are good but some are scary. ex mordiun, chrome hammer, touch of yog … other weapons instead do less damage but still remain useful

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so I don’t agree, many legendary weapons are used in pvp precisely because they have unique characteristics such as the light-forging hammer which increases vitality and strength by 5 points. you have to be informed

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to each its own.
every legendaries in conan come with a balance.
dragon bone is nice but pales in comparison to other weapons in the game.,
you will learn that eventually.

Thanks All

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is a real pleasure

I use a dragon bone spear, due to the low numbers on the lengy spears we have

we are full of spears. black dragons pike, jumping pole, rusty pike, mordiun, poisoned pike, lemurian trident and I could go on forever. you are definitely a mediocre player who writes senseless things

best 2 handed weapons :

  • Sword of crom, best used on thralsl for obvious reasons.
  • Blade of adventurer
  • venom infused greatsword
  • dragonbone greatsword
  • the rest

best spears

  • black dragon spears
  • vaulting pole
  • gravedigger
  • venom infused spear

best daggers

  • venom infused dagger, 20 bleed 10 poison is hard to beat.the poison also override seth arrows.
  • the grim
  • malice and chaos
  • the rest

best bows

  • breath of red mother ( ultra hard to find)
  • dekerto
  • eye of the khan
  • pristine khari bow
  • the huntress
  • the rest

best 1 handed weapon

  • predatory blade
  • act of violence
  • venom infused sword or axe or mace
  • momentum quake brittle bastard
  • els drinker

best shields

  • akbitan shield
  • temperature resist shield
  • the rest

because why not
FC devs managed to make something usefull and smart
not cuz there 10 people bashing on a target that theres going to be 10 seperate debuffs and dots
so lets go

  • 20 bleed
  • 10 poison
  • 5 cripple
  • 5 sunder
  • 1 gas effect
  • 1 burning effect

so in order:

  • 1 guy with els drinker and akbithan for 5 sunder 5 cripple
  • 1 guy with venom infused dagger 20 bleed and 10 venom that are auto applyed
  • 1 guy with bow and arrows, gas, explosive and healing arrows to cover the rest. to apply gas and burn and heal the group.
    3 thralls delivering massive dps

laid ees and gentle pants i present you conan in a nutshell since 2019

Use The Festering One instead. Way better, as its an axe and not daggers. Way more durability (compared to venom infused crafted things). But a pain in the ■■■ to get.

https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Festering_One (I only have 2, but have >6 SoC, 3 or 4 LBS and over 1200 FoP).

i was mostly rteffering to the dagger in terms of attack speed. but yeah that axe works as well if you dont have the other one

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