Deathbringer axe?

so how do you craft death bringer axe? king scourge weapons only show two swords

Wanna know that too.

Past official patch notes refer to it being there…

Not sure hey, I just went into single to try find the recipe, but it wasn’t there. It’s still in the game files though as you can spawn one in single player still…

maybe it’s a glitch or something ?

of course, another bug what an embarrassment

I prefer axes so I’d really like to have this one. The Acheronian War-Axe looks like garbage so I guess I’ll stick with the Dragonbone Axe for a while.

i saw someone with it ingame last night on the same server i have no idea how he got it, maybe its a legendary now and cant be crafted

The legendary axe I found was “Strangely Familiar Axe”.

Apparently! The wiki says it’s crafted with star metal but I found it in the chest up on a cliff near The Black Galleon.

They have definitely changed some things, so who knows where the Deathbringer comes from now…

I like how they relate this axe as being the one Conan’s give Razma at the intro.

This really needs addressing I have been all over and around The Black Keep multiple times and never once found a hint as to where the Deathbringer Axe is supposed to be.

It is clearly in the game as all the other gear the Silent Legion use is obtainable. The Deathbringer himself (the last boss of the keep), is wearing full Silent Legion Armour, and wielding Telith’s Sorrow. The Silent Legion Soldiers have a mix of Telith’s Lament and Deathbringer Axes when you look closely at them, it seems like a bug that this wasn’t added with the other recipes, or that it is hidden away somewhere secret and no one has found it / been willing to tell us where it is.

At first I started opening all the doors in The Black Keep with the key once you get it, and while you’ll get some nice minor loot from a few chests and a few extra Silent Legion minions to fight, none of those doors have netted a secret recipe wall. I did find a door that looks like you should be able to open it down at the bottom of the keep, where the water is, but that doesn’t open, so it might be that door is bugged and that is where the axe is, but it certainly seems unobtainable, but is still very much in the code, since admins can spawn them and the Legion Soldiers wield them.

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you know whats even worse? try finding the thrall that unlocks flawless hyperborean, guess what it doesn’t exist

It doesn’t seem to.
I checked all Hyborean T4 armorers, even ones that are unobtainable without using the admin panel or console.
None had the recipes and I’m pretty sure ‘all’ of those are supposed to.

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/push Please Devs, a hint please, we have many players on our Server which want to have this damn nice axe, me too! :sunglasses:

XD they are not showing up on a 100+ comments thread about non working purges, so despite I am always positive saying they keep fixing stuff…the communication could be much better, as its like the 3rd time I have to reach devs in twitter to have a confirmation of something broken being fixed.

The Purges are working “fine”, yes human Purge attackers are naked, but the Purge works good on our Servers! :sunglasses: :muscle:t2:

Just craft Ymir star metal axe. It’s the same thing stat-wise

Foeshatter is 53 damage, Deathbringer is 56.

I use dragonbone though; it’s heavier but looks cooler than Foeshatter. Those Ymir axes look so terrible… I was disappointed.

Dragonbone is also good for repairing it “on the go” all you need is some dragonbone with ya and you can farm Asgard for ages.

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