I love the way legendaries are

At, first, I got some relutance with me about that, I thought… “oh no, orange/purple weapons in this game no please!”

But they are beautiful, not op, its easy to get, and there are more than 1 in each category, this will create a whole weapon circuit around the map, because player kill player, so the weapons can pass in lots of hands

I want to congratulate the devs, they were very creative, design, skins, some of them have effects, and the story background, gives’em personality, that makes it even more fun to wield.

I hope with the updates you surprise us with more.

Sincerely, the game is in a very good way, keep it, and the success is certain.

“A strange axe that seems familiar…”


That is the one legendary I found during my short stint in TestLive and by accident when I got jumped (and quite startled at first) by a certain giant creature. I was freeing the torment from my bladder at the time and so when I began to dart to a safe distance to assess the thing, I wound up having to sort of bunny hop and shuffle instead since my light wrap had managed to drop and tangle around my ankles.

I’d heard rumors that this particular creature is rather easy and I suppose for something guarding a legendary, it is, but wearing only light armor of animal hide (part of which was dropped and not protecting some particular vitals) and wielding iron daggers, it was a bit of challenge for me as I did have to dodge and flank attack quite a lot.

In fact, the battle may not have gone in my favor at all had the sneaky beast not paused several times, mesmerized by the now freed spectacular spectacle of 70% endowment slider taunting and coaxing its appetite as I deftly danced and dodged, adding shake, shimmy and swing (sha-wing?) just as an angler expertly manipulates prized bait.

I needed a breather after the thrilling encounter, but I can assure you that I cinched my wrap tightly before I swaggered into the tavern at Sepermeru to show off my new axe despite the fact that Conan seems to enjoy showing off a lot more.