Feedback to the Devs's

I have played the game a lot.
Been max level multiple times and had all weapons and armors in the game.
And used the artifact to escape the exiled lands :slight_smile: etc.

Love the game and think its really good were it is right now.

So think its time for me to give some feed back, that i hope will reach the dev’s behind the game.

1: There is sooooo many cool looking weapons in the game.
But only a few people uses. When you reach level 60 the best weapons that people use are the weapons that give a attribute bonus.
Only sometimes in pvp people uses crafted weapons as they are easy to replace.
But you almost never see people useing Dragonbone, Obsidian, Black Ice etc. weapons. With is a shame as they look badass and there is some good work behind.

Just as with armors. Make some difference between them so they are good useing in some situations over others. Or make a way to craft skins or transmutions or something.

2: TAR… every time i play i ALWAYS :smile: End up with a ton of leather i can never mange to use.
You simple produce way to much leather for the amount of tar you need.
Make something you can use all the leather for. So they don’t go to waste :slight_smile:

3: Building corners :slight_smile: Is the missing piece i alway need.
I talked to so many people making cool builds. And always people need conors.
If “O” is ceilings, then we need a corner for “G” is :slight_smile:

4: Attribute Perks. I would really like to see some of the perks reworked. There are some really cool ones between. But some of them you never see used, like to dobbelt jump etc.
Also the 3th perk in grit give less armor then 15 points in agility.
And never seen any reason to get higher then 20 in survival.
Think then need to be looked at again :slight_smile:

5: I have played on PVP servers and done my raiding.
One thing i think discourage people from joining a PVP server again after their first try, is that in Conan is that the best/easy/most common what ever. way is to use Explosive Jar.
You can simple not just knock down a door or wall and take peoples stuff. in this game when you set off Explosive Jars you more or less damage or destroyes the whole base.

In other game were you can raid like this. You can set an explosive on a wall and take it down. Here with you do it. You damage all in a huge radius around it.
You don’t just loss your stuff. You most of the time also loss all you build.

6: Healing. For new people just joining and low levels its simple too hard to heal up. Many times if you have a bed, its bette to just go die. It need to be more easy to heal up from outside combat.

7: Server Types. Right now im playing on Firespark’s Privat server.
And must say, its the most fun server i have played on.
Its a PvP server with no building damage. And full time PVP.

I have said it many times before on this forum. I don’t understand wat Funcom have not made some kind of middle ground PVP server. There really needs a Official PvP-Conflict server with full 24 hour pvp but no building damage. Only from damage from purge.

Really think this will be a good way to get some people back to the game and a good new start for many people :slight_smile:

Im sure i have more. But for now i think this will be my feedback.
Hope you can use some of it, or at last read it :slight_smile:

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Or make a server where you can only blow open doors and locks. You can blow your way in and loot their chests, but their structures all remain in place. You can drop 25 bombs or whatever on their vault, and all it does it let you steal what’s inside it.

Just make the doors and chest remain open, visually, until the locks are repaired.

I think you would get a lot more unique and fun looking structures in PVP-style servers if people knew their structure wouldn’t be razed to the ground not long after they were built.


or replace a “destroyed” block with a placeholder that prevents collapse and can be repaired for something like a third of the resources… a repair all function would also make this useful…. the cost of replacing a pillaged base would be significantly lower and still incentivize players to build stronger more defensible bases.

I suggested something like that in the past as well. Something like Castle Walls that were a lot thicker, and had 2 life bars. Breaking the first one would just put a hole in the wall you could pass through, and you would have to break the second life bar to bring the wall down entirely.

Nothing ever came of it.

You can grind coal with the press for tar, but it’s 10 for 1 so not that worst if you aren’t near a good spot

Edit !

Totaly agree, i personaly feel all weapon should do the same damage and only durability, armor pen & bonus would change. This way we could see more weapon bein use.

Indeed some perks like bouncing arow or everything above 21 survival doesn’t find his utility.
those could use a revamp for reaching full potential.
Also agility use to give 5 armor per point and everyone was rolling on it, now it’s 2 and it’s barely use becide 10 point. maybe making it 3 could be the balance ?

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The healing thing is annoying as all hell.

I’ve just done a suggestion on that today. We clearly need a 1 hp/sec passive regen to be handled as natural healing. By the time you reach level 60 and high HP levels, it would be largely useless. Have it be localized to a position in your base only. This is for really early levels so you can get a little healing back at your base.

Second we need a Lesser Healing Wrap at level 5, to help heal us outside of stuffing our faces with food.

Third, food HP regen needs to stack the time. So if a food regens for 10 seconds, eating 10 will give you that regen period for 100 seconds. Since combat breaks regen, it couldn’t be abused. And you can quickly eat 10 items, instead of doing the whole “eat, wait, eat, wait, eat, wait”, which is tiresome.


Yes, this please.

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