Aesthetics and reblances!

I love the game so far! It’s really come far and it’s super great. If possible, down the road,
I) Make it so we can see our weapons on our back or at our side.

II) Crippling effects seem to be almost not present on mosnter and enemy AI which makes archery a bit more difficult. Speaking of which, please rebalance archery so it’s more worthwhile.

III) Also, possibly a slot for smaller backpack/knapsacks/sacks like a brand new one. (pref on the back) maybe add accessories like facial piercings, earrings, and rings (their own slots) that will give minor stat boosts in one way or another. (Like gathering or a bit of aim or stamina regen.)

IV) Possibly rebalance stamina regeneration and use, so that grit perks are more worthwhile. Right now, grit recharges super fast to the point where more grit would be good but by far not too important. But with that in hand, would have to change how much grit gets used from standard and power attacks.

V) And finally, maybe a passive perk tree for people who wanna specialize in certain weaponry.

VI) Oh, and possibly add a battleaxe (two handed axes) and dual wield swords.

VII) Add threats in the waters of the jungle. It’s cool to explore but vastly empty once you get pass the school of fish.

VII) Add horses for mounts (Conan had horses) and possibly a slower moving primal raft for seafaring. I think it would be a lovely addition to the jungle especially, for all of us island dwellers.