Simple Combat Suggestions

Instead of Nerfing the hell out of the healing and perks stats etc…

I’m goint to put these in order to be clear and quick.
So here’s my suggestions-

Half the Boss hitpoints - Nobody wants to fight things that long. Not to mention armor and weapon damage repairs and costs with a low % drop rate.

Add a specific debuff to each boss that increases damage the longer a person is hit by one, such as a stacking “sunder”

Take away the healing stacking, but keep the amount healed + put a Cooldown timer on specific items. This would limit the use of the items and total healing amounts but allow players to heal in combat to be able to enjoy fighting.

Fix Elixirs, because as of right now any bonus you get to your stats is gone after the first hit. This makes booze and lotus potions redundant.

Decrease the amount of bleed stacks a dagger can do or everyone is going to run around with daggers and harass endlessly. This will result in a frustrated pvp playerbase considering the DRAMATIC changes to build people are going to have to do.

Consider making the lock on system from an Over the shoulder perspective instead of having the camera bounce around wildly and near uncontrollably.

Consider adding a friendly-fire options that allows teammates, groups, or parties to participate in close combat without carving up their allies or friends of the same clan. This would result in better group pvp and allow people to participate without fear of killing their ally.

Keep the time dialation on the healing items, (10 seconds to heal instead of 5) but do not mitigate the overall amount as it is important to be able to heal during combat in PvE situations aswell as PvP situations. This should come down to a multitude of factors (the end result of the pvp/pve experience) but should be inclined to support those better prepared for an event or situation through potions, knowledge or character build.

I would hate to see these current combat mehanics last through launch, as it would damage the overall replay ability.

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It has been stated in devstreams that healing is supposed to be cancled on any damage one takes.
I kind of hope it will make it for launch.
Also I think cooldowns for general infight stuff wont really fit into that kind of game. Having direct penalties does fit though.
So basically what is happening to elixirs and healing right now is meant to be exchanged…

Oh, so it’s like polearm+sword -> hammer -> polearm -> bows -> daggers in the OP-history until now?
Though I dont know if daggers really are that powerful in late-lategame… (Thinking of heavy armor.)

This is a suggestion forum, just because they stated something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t

  1. Be tweaked
  2. Have player feedback
  3. Have alternative suggestions.

I am very VERY much against the current setup with healing. Cooldowns would introduce the whole “You’re full and you can’t possibly eat any more aloe soup” So i could get behind that. It would add a limit and prevent spamming (a positive thing in my eyes)

What direct penalties are you referring to exactly?

Silent legion armor isn’t the best in the game if you pay attention to stats and bonuses. Daggers have become a harrassing tool because they stop healing for 20seconds. Cripple effects have been near nullified so a person can just run forever. If you can’t see how that’s OP I can’t help you.

These are some of the things that desperately need attention before release and there are alot of us out there hoping Funcom takes the first three letters of it’s name a little more seriously. Please consider adjusting some of the mechanics ingame back towards a better experience for the players. We have enough trouble with crashes, lag spikes, invisible enemies and random untold hordes of unexplainable deaths resulting in the loss of our hard earned gear. We don’t need any more.

-Rags (Q/A Tester, multiple project inputs and professional breaker of video games.)