3 things you would like to change in AOC?


Funcom please do this, now! i beg on my knees with alot of other i guess


1: Atlantean shards dropping in dungeons somehow, one way would be to add a small amount for completion of Service of the excavator/Unchained questline. Add a new quest similar to these but for the dungeons in Khitai that people never go to. Tianan/AI/Dugout. That would give incentive to go there without needing specific items from there. It would also serve as an antidote for the big mistake of making everything below t4 obsolete when implementing raidfinder the way you did.

2: Update descriptions for combos and spells. Some are very missleading since many spells/abilitys have been changed during the years but it feels like the descriptions wasnt changed paralely… For example one of the big guilds on Crom still believes Holy cleansing only affects maximum of 12 friendly targets haha.

3: Add a proper leaderboard in conan pvp. A list where a combination of win/loss and kill/death makes an interesting board where the win/loss stat wont make kill/death ruin the minigames too much.


Making a game more grindy is not a good idea.

  1. Revisit the crafting system to increase resource availability, advanced recipe drops, and increase the quality cap on crafted products to make the best crafted results competitive with all but the most epic dropped gear. Make up for any potential losses in the store (players purchasing tiered L80 gear) by adding purchasable resources.

  2. Create Khitan-style factions for Cimmerian, Stygian and Aquilonian regions, along with expanded L80 areas (emphasizing Alternative Advancement progression).

  3. Build on the Alternate Advancement concept so handsomely begun.


sorry for necro posting bu I would add only one thing: to be able to get up to t6 equip doing solo dungeon somewhat. I like Conan lore and Howard’s novels I started playing just to feel I hate raids llke hell so it’s frustrating for people like me to play without a purpose. The only thing i’m doing is bring char to 80 gear them with khitai and that’s it…start over again, soon i’ll finish the 12 apostles toons and nothing else to do…Maybe letting some dungeon to be solo to get that upper gear for premium players would be awesome


Hehe… nice trolling
btw: what would you need the T6 armor for? you can do most solo content without any armor only with weapons :wink:


Add shards to 6 mans and possibly raids to incentivize veteran and new players to get more active in the community and bring some life to pve outside of Chaos and rf spam.


Leaving additional pve content out of it since the game is in maintenance mode, I’d like to see…

1.) Revamp the dungeon systems so that all level 80 6man dungeons provide a reason for people to complete them. This could be done by having daily/weekly quests to complete specific dungeons and have the rewards be similar to the raid finder rewards. Right now players either farm Chaos or warmonk so just adding shards or reward “x” to all dungeons will just have people farming the easiest paths.
2.) Add T4 and T5 to the token converter system (Well maybe not T5 cause that might perpetuate the situation with RF). This will give players more of a reason to want to complete old raids and maybe less raid finder. Could even go as far as giving the raid finder boxes to the normal raids since those actually require more skill and communication. So in general anything to reduce this games reliance on RF.
3.) Add vanity weapon slots. I know this has already been addressed by the devs and won’t happen but I still want it. I hate seeing so many awesome weapon skills go unused. Even you were only allowed to use vanity weapons with the same weapon animations as your currently equiped I’d be ok with that. Every weapon can’t have 100% unique animations.


Either put in a AA re-do option (like Feats have) or atleast add a confirmation box prior to locking the change in.


Region lockout for Russia? lol… split the community even more, great suggestion! It’s not like the international servers have population problems already…


Utog is an old troll, better just ignore him.


1.Need an action camera mode, where we can move the camer with mouse movement and use the three mouse buttons for those three directional attack.
2.Basically the game combat mechanics are very good but controlling the charachter needs rfinement of control.
3.oh yes there are already pads that we resurrect from, why not use them for teleportation?
I understand that It might break immersion for some people, but it really saves time.

  1. Make Atlantean Shards drop from real content such as Hard Modes and normal raids (and for completing quests such as “In service of the Excavators”
  2. Remove T4 relics from Raid Finder
  3. Make it possible for 2 friends to signup to minigame togheter (not that it concearns me as I am a PVE carebear but I really hope this can be sorted for the players who enjoy PVP)
    (4. Add for example Folk Dancers to the Potent Relic vendor/Gilding token vendor)

  1. Make atlantean shards drop from dungeons,
  2. Make more unchainded dungeons
  3. update the description of the holy cleansing so we can stop this misinterpretation that it only works on X amount on friendly targets trololol. It works on unlimited friendly targets.

  1. Smaller dungeons for 1-3 players. Any and all classes playable
  2. Vanity weapons
  3. More robust crafting system that does not become obsolete once you hit level 80


1.) Remove t4 relics from the Raid Finder blue boxes, only allow them from the weekly epic box.
2.) Add t4->t5 relic conversion. (2 to 1)
3.) Add atlantean shards to 6 mans, raids, & UC boxes.

Raid finder spam is gone, player activity in the world - be it dungeons or raids - soars and the game will feel much more alive!

4.) Daily Dungeon Quests that reward boxes with chance at goodies (t3/4 relics, pets, vanity armor, mounts, etc.)


Why 3? there is a lot more then 3) but here is my)

  1. Add WB weapons and neck/rings to vendor in OT
  2. Add rf like entering option to all raids
  3. Add rf like entering option to all group dang.


oh yeah, let’s make raid finder make another tier obsolete ! please NO.


Well , that’s quite simple:

1.Remove gold limit.
2.Remove gold limit.
3.Remove gold limit.

Also, fixing bugs and balance would be great…


1.) add atlantean shards drop to 6 men dungeons. Someone suggested somewhere a weekly quest to complete a few random dungeons, that’s a very good idea.
2.) make the f2p players at least READ global chat. maybe also add an option so premium players can receive their messages.
3.) keep fixing annoying bugs =)