3 things you would like to change in AOC?


Funcom please do this, now! i beg on my knees with alot of other i guess


1: Atlantean shards dropping in dungeons somehow, one way would be to add a small amount for completion of Service of the excavator/Unchained questline. Add a new quest similar to these but for the dungeons in Khitai that people never go to. Tianan/AI/Dugout. That would give incentive to go there without needing specific items from there. It would also serve as an antidote for the big mistake of making everything below t4 obsolete when implementing raidfinder the way you did.

2: Update descriptions for combos and spells. Some are very missleading since many spells/abilitys have been changed during the years but it feels like the descriptions wasnt changed paralely… For example one of the big guilds on Crom still believes Holy cleansing only affects maximum of 12 friendly targets haha.

3: Add a proper leaderboard in conan pvp. A list where a combination of win/loss and kill/death makes an interesting board where the win/loss stat wont make kill/death ruin the minigames too much.


Making a game more grindy is not a good idea.

  1. Revisit the crafting system to increase resource availability, advanced recipe drops, and increase the quality cap on crafted products to make the best crafted results competitive with all but the most epic dropped gear. Make up for any potential losses in the store (players purchasing tiered L80 gear) by adding purchasable resources.

  2. Create Khitan-style factions for Cimmerian, Stygian and Aquilonian regions, along with expanded L80 areas (emphasizing Alternative Advancement progression).

  3. Build on the Alternate Advancement concept so handsomely begun.