Black Colossus - Kuthchemes - in the next update?!

Well actually in lore Shem as a land which has almost same size area with Stygia and the City of Kuthchemes is in the middle of somewhere in the Shem. As per comic Ivory Dome is the place Thugra Khotan sealed himself. Shem is located in the upper side of Stygia. I am thinking there is a new map like a turan with a very good stroy line and also I believe there is minimum 1 raid/hm or solo dungeon.

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I do not think so. Until now, testlive has always been used to test group balance. T5 / T6 and Chaos passed through the testlive, Vanaheim no, for example.

To be honest: If there isn’t a plan for new raid instance it would be a big disappointment for me (yes we all know about expectations and disappointments :upside_down_face: ).

Funcom should know that Age of Conan still brings cash into their box - as long as people have a reason to play this game.

I think it will be a group dungeon but not a raid or full area, in the stream they said to a message in the chat that it wont be anything like the Turan expansion or T7 raid and that leaves us pretty much with a 6 man dungeon.

Where did he say that ? I didn’t hear it …he literally said nothing about it apart from you’ll have to wait and see.

It has to be a new area black colossus isn’t set in stygia it’s set in Shem read the novel and it strongly hints to natoks tomb in the twitch strem

Yes, I totally expect it to be an instance of Nathohk’s tomb and either be single player (my guess) or a 6 man.

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Maybe a 12 man dungeon/raid would be pretty cool! look at 47:26

In the chat: “So either t7 or new EXPA which is something we need hard xP…well both technically”
“It’s not gonna be quiet that scale” he responded to that.

For me that says it’s going to be some kind of a dungeon if it’s not an expansion pack like Turan or Vanaheim or a T7 raid.

Maybe it’s something like House of Crom? A huge dungeon that is not exactly a raid instance but also not as big as a whole expansion playfield?

Where is my like than :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

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True true but Khitai was an expansion ! Turan and dragonspine where adventure packs …even if it’s an area the size of vanahiem with a 6 Man and a solo ide be happy

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Hm… I can’t really see the difference between a “Expansion” and an “Adventure Pack”. It’s just another name. Dragon’s Spine wasn’t even an expansion until they made it one so you have to buy it in some cases.

So will they charge the community for this adventure pack if it ends up being that?

Yes, have a happy anniversary!

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Well we will find out soon enough …I think for an 11 year old game that any new stuff is a plus

Even a 6-man almost seems hard to believe with the effort Funcom has put into AoC lately. But I can’t imagine there are many other options based upon what they have said. It certainly won’t be anything bigger than a 6-man dungeon.

I wonder if all will all be wrong and it’s a new pvp minigame … the pvp community certainly deserves that after so many years of having so few playfields to game on.

I am interested in 2 questions! What is it? New location without dungeons, quest line. Dungeon 3, 6, 12 or 24 people? Second question! What are the rewards, whether T6 level or equivalent it, or new cloaks with stones, necklaces with stones or even weapons. Wait and see, but I think the live test for 3 people or solo dungeon or only new location would not make sense to include again, or I do not remember that for the sake of vanaheim launched live test…

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the daily logins have something being revealed again… im sure that will say something.

The book black colossus is set in Shem and conan unconquered the new game is set there aswell iam assuming the new content for AoC will be running the same theme …and the verse from the book Andy posted is shevastas description of Kuthchemes which is Nohtokhs tomb/palace

The image looks like this imo: