The PvP Event Issue


I agree that not being able to sign up with friends, at least one other person is bad design. I’m sure they changed this because people were complaining that if people did this one team would never lose, while all pug teams would just get destroyed. How wow fixes this is in a ten person battleground only five can be in a team, giving opposing side a chance to win.

Why not let 3 friends play together, grow their skills and coordination together?


They changed it cause back in 2010 i figured out how to pop sags with 2 people in them. This was code rolled out to stop me.

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I doubt that was the reason… people were avoiding minis cause it was premades 24/7 stomping noobs


Well tonight it happened. The community came together and helped the new players…namely EoS and Zaara gain access to the PvP events. SLEVES was even kind enough to offer his personal throne to the Prince recently returning from a taxing period in the Cimmerian duel pits…a long drawn out RP saga best left to the annals of painful history.

Now ordained in full PVP gear, jewels and levels 4/5 ﹰAAs it’s time to relight the torches and unfurl the banners of war!