The Crombowl: Crom's Summer PvP Minigame Tournament

The Crombowl: Crom’s Seasonal Minigame Tournament

Hey everyone! After the Fury tournament conculded, we’ve decided to learn from the successes and failures of that tournament, and improve upon it to make a better experience for all players involved.

This tournament will take place on the Crom server.

Build your team!

In order to participate, you must first gather a party of up to 10 players. You must them register your team with @MyStygga or on the forums, or Nickromanzer in game. I will then update this thread (see posts below) with the current participating teams for all to view. Please include your group members’ character names, and their class, as well as who the team captain is. The captain will be held responsible for providing screenshots detailing the results of the minigames every week. Please also include your team name! Registration begins July 7th and lasts two weeks, until July 21st. Games will start July 22nd.

After you form your team, it will be placed into one of leagues. The Steel league will consist of experienced players and very well-coordinated teams. The Iron league will consist of newer teams and less experienced players. Before placement, I will ask each team captain which league they think they should be in, as well as consult some knowledgable players on Crom so that teams are placed in the most accurate league possible. Each league will have its’ own bracket.

One notable difference between the Fury tournament and this one is that teams consist of players, not characters. So for example, if I was to play on a team, I could use any of my 3 registered characters on the team. The purpose of this is to allow teams to have players to fill in any slot.

For example, registering a team might look like this:




Guise, guardian, Straight outta Khopshef


Osid, Guardian, Reincarnation

Osidious, Conqueror, Reincarnation


Goldpot, Priest of Mitra, who is goldpot?


Yoshiee, conqueror, unguilded

Solutions, barbarian, unguilded

etc up to 10 players

The Format

The format of this minigame tournament will be a double-elimination bracket.

Every week, teams are required to play their tournament match for the week. Because we’re moving to a bracket, games must be completed within a week, or else the entire tournament could get held up. If two teams cannot settle on a time that works, please get a tournament administartor involved so that we can try to find a resolution.

Each team then competes in a best of 3 set of minigames. The rules of these minigames are a little different though: Victory is determined by whoever has more kills when the game ends. That means that if you’re behind in kills, but cap the flag 3 times, you do not win the game. However, if you’re winning in kills, and then cap the skull or finish the game, you win!

Additionally, we are going to try @Lurvi ‘s suggested King System, in order to try to bridge the gap between objectives and kills. If it is well received, we will continue to play it to the end of the tournament, but if it is not, we will switch over to TDM or Flags. Keep me updated with everyone’s thoughts on this system. After the first week of games, I will conduct a poll, and we will decide if we want to continue using the King system or not.

The King System is the following:

Before each game, each team specifies to the other who is the King of their team. The King rewards triple points for each death. Teams CANNOT swap who their king is once the minigame begins. In order to calculate score, simply add up all of each team’s kills, then multiply each king’s deaths by 2 and add it to the enemy team’s kills. The purpose of this change is to incentivize killing tanks and adding a layer of strategy and decision making to killing targets.

After the games are played, each team captain is responsible for screenshotting the results of each game, and sending them to their assigned tournament administrator on the forums. Both captains are strongly suggested to record the outcomes of each game. If one team does not show up at the time the two teams agreed upon, that team is given a loss.

Map Pool

Every first game in each best of 3 is to be played on Hallowed Vaults. The losing captain chooses the next map. All matches must be played on Hallowed Vaults, Totem Torrent, or Lost Temple.


Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff.

At the beginning of the season, at registration, specify which character account you would like to receive the reward on. The reward will be claimable on any character on the same account as the one with the character you specify. You may change which character you want to receive the reward on at any point during the tournament by messaging @MyStygga on the forums with your player name, and the updated character you want to receive the reward on.

There are a couple tiers of rewards. By progressing higher in the bracket, your team becomes eligible for better rewards
Participation Reward:

  • 500 Atlantean shards
  • 25k PvP XP consumable

Quarterfinals reward

  • 700 Atlantean shards
  • 25k PvP XP consumable

Semifinals reward

  • 1000 Atlantean shards
  • 25k PvP XP consumable

The winners receive the following:

  • 1350 Atlantean shards
  • 25k PvP XP consumable

Team Composition Recommendation

While any team can be viable, it is important to stick to a couple of fundamentals:

  • Try your best to have at least 1 healer. The best compositions generally have two unique healer types.

  • Try to have at least 1 mage for the mage shield.

  • Melees are an important part of any team. They are necessary to push casters and punish greedy plays. Try to get at least two on your team!

  • The best teams generally have 1 soldier

  • Build synergy: Teams with a lot of synergy outperform those with none. Try to have teams where overlapping debuffs ensure increased damage. For example, HoX, Demo, and ToS all have debuffs that can be used to buff each other’s damage.

Free Agents

While we’d prefer everyone to sign up with a team, if you do not have a team please provide your name and you will be listed as a free agent. Please contact other free agents to create a team!

Free agents must register by the registration deadline.

Free agents may substitute in for players during the matches if a team is missing players at their designated play time. EACH TEAM MAY ONLY HAVE 1 FREE AGENT EACH MATCH

Free agents receive 250 atlantean shards on the character of their choice.


  • Exile rune DISABLED

  • T5 runes DISABLED

  • T6 gear is not allowed


  • No astrolabes, Refined potions (5% crit, damage, immunity), Store potions. The only potions that are permitted are the GREEN crit, damage, etc. potions from the armory. Purified Daggamalt/Moonspill/Sweetpressed Haste are acceptable.

  • No morphs

  • No khitai blessings


Should a tie occur, the game must be replayed, same map.

Tourney Admins

The following players may be contacted to settle disputes, ask questions, etc. Each name below also has their respective timezone:

  • Nickromanzer- North America

  • More to come …


Link to come



Huge thanks to AndyB for agreeing to sponsor and help reward players in this event!


Please send me a direct message with any questions!
If you feel I’ve missed anything, let me know, and we’ll fix it :slight_smile:


Registered Teams:


Votekick (Co-captains Korando & Skuxx)

  • KORANDO: Korando (BS), Calore (Demo), Andromaeda (Sin)
  • SKUXX: Indiansanta (Conq), Goatzz (PoM), Rockahstar (BS)
  • DEUKALIAN: Deukalian (DT), Deukalipom (PoM)
  • BRAGY: Bragger (Barb), Bragy (Guard)
  • AWAKENING: Doahardreset (HoX), Setcake (ToS), Khatiman (DT)
  • TRULYALYA: Trulyalya (Demo)
  • UEBER: Ueberxy (ToS), Wannaheal (PoM), Ueberdt (DT)
  • DAVI: Davijr (Ranger)
  • GARDINEROS: Gardineros (Ranger), Klickitat (Barb)

Ivory Tower

  • LURVI: Lurvi - Bear Shaman, Bimbou - ToS, Swooz - Herald of Xotli (I think, he’s been busy)
  • TYYR: Tyyrbarb - barb, Tyyrbear - bear shaman, Tyyrguard - guardian
  • SHAINAH: Shainah - Guard, Mechannina - HoX, Kabaena, DT
  • ZEUS: Drekus - PoM, Iarsen - Necro, Tisiss - Demo
  • PEEKA: Aykamra - Necro, Orranhi - Priest of Mitra, Amneru - Conq
  • SUPER: Tukokhama - Conqueror, Fricadelius - Barbarian, Lovelyworms - Necro
  • HIEND: Hiend - Conq, Nodecap - Barb
  • RAMBLE: Snubler - ToS, Ramblee - DT
  • ABARY: Firepowah - Demo, Abaary - sin, Borikorova - PoM
  • BURN: Burn(HoX), demo (itsburn) and tos (tosiin)

Night Watch

  • TYMMI: Tymmi - Demo / Azathoth - Necro
  • PSYCHODELIC: Psychodelic - HOX, Vouga - Barb, Kuropatva - Conq.
  • ENSIFER: Xenoflux - Demo, Birzum - BS, Obliviscor - Conq
  • ALLANDIR: AllandirZ - DT / RedrumX - Sin
  • UBERMILEY: Ubermiley - PoM / Torillius - Necro
  • DELRED: Dryamak - Necro / Tapponaula - conq , Varduum - barb
  • SCYTHIA: Scythia - ToS / Nephele - PoM, Arachosia - Demo
  • SVARTIE: Valphar - Barb / Mealthacht - HoX, Svarttsynn - Sin
  • SINIX: Whineje - DT / Sinix - Guard, Motux - Necro

Styggaz wit Attitudes

  • NICKROMANZER: Nickromanzer (Necro)
  • BENDTHEEKNEE: Bendtheeknee (Conq), Johnnysteele (Barb), Giovanni (Demo)
  • CAMNEY: Camney (Bear), Grobcack (DT)
  • GUISE: Sheltron (Guard)
  • ETCH: Onemama (Barb), Dreadsix (Bear), Aaids (Necro)
  • SLEVES: Borboro(Barb), Akara (Pom), Slizem(Conq)
  • ED: Kurochka (PoM)
  • QQBARB: Qqbarb(barb), Nabsin (sin), Xconbs (Bear Shaman)
  • BLOOD: Bloodvax(Pom)


Suicide Squad 1 (Captain Itburns)

  • ITBURNS : DT - (Mercellius) , Barb - (Drokred) , Itburns(demo). Drokred for Rewards.
  • ITAN: Itanhox (HoX), Itanmitra (PoM), Itandt(DT)
  • ACHILLIOUS : BS - (Achillous) , Conq - (achilliouscq) , Barb - Achillious. Achillious for rewards(barb)
  • DEADX : Guard - (Deadxx) , Ranger - (Deadx) , Necro - (Deadxn). Deadxx for rewards.
  • DACK: Kokuru (Sin), Flaring (HoX)
  • VIX : ToS - (Vixtonia) , Necro - (Laverra) , PoM - (Caledonja). Laverra for rewards.
  • LEE: Leebarb (Barb), Leeunitass (Conq), Isikhali(DT) rewards toon - Leebarb
  • NURSEBETTY : PoM - (Nuttynurse) , Demo - (Yarbro) , DT - (Vinds). Rewards for Nuttynurse.
  • DELRED: Aycora (ToS), Tappanoula (Conq), Varduum(Barb)
  • COCOLINA : Barb - (Bluequartz) , PoM - (Anelight) , Guard - (pinkquartz). Rewards toon Bluequartz.

YEG (Captain Dengizik)

  • DENGIZIK: Dengizik (Conq), Zamrach (BShaman), Rewards toon: Zamrach
  • UEBER: Ueberxy (ToS), Wannaheal (PoM), Ueberdt(DT) Rewards toon: Wannaheal
  • SOHATH: Sohath (DT), Coltan (BS), Teslarr(ToS), Rewards Toon: Sohath
  • CRANDAR: Crandar (Barb), Cransranger (Ranger), Rewards toon: Cransranger,
  • DEVILOCKK: Toons: Devilockk (Demo), Rewards Toon: Devilockk
  • LIQUIDBLACK: Toons: Liquidnoir (Demo), Liquidnero (Ranger), Rewards toon: Liquidnero
  • SLACK: Toons: Slackjoint (ToS), Ashavii (Demo), Aschavi (DT). Rewards Toon: Aschavi
  • SANNIX: Toons: Sannix (PoM), Grizzwar (BS)
  • WITTICH: Toons: Wittich (Barb), Volkwart (BS), Sprengwart (HoX) Rewards Toon: Wittich
  • AYLEE: Toons: Ayleetah (Ranger), Flamingvixen (ToS), Freyiness(PoM) Rewards Toon: Flamingvixen(ToS)

Suicide Squad 2

  • DAV: Davarticus (Conqueror), Davarko (Sin), Dashaugen (barb)
  • KATHERINETATE: Katherinetate(sin), Galifrey(BS), Wilshire(Conq)
  • NAMOUN : ToS - (Namoun) Rewards toon Namoun.
  • DURDEL : Barb - (Durdel) Rewards toon Durdel.
  • DEADSHOTT : BS - (Biigbear) Rewards toon Biigbear.
  • BIDOOF : PoM - (Heset) , Necro - (Bidoof) , PoM - (Prymr)
  • SUPERSHYKA : Hox - Hinekora , BS - (Trentmoller) , Conq - (Trololoclass).
  • RADEZ : Guard - (Cyllion).
  • CALLMELATER : Demo - (Callmelater) Rewards toon Callmelater.
  • BORMAHU : Bormahu(DT)


  • LEO: Leopardi(HoX),Leopardu(BS),Outrated(Necro)
  • HACKNIR: Hacknir (Barb)
  • CRANK: Crankshftx(Guard)
  • DOLFIE: Imparo(Conq),Xpera(PoM),Black(Barb)
  • UNSAIN: Unsain(Sin)
  • JOVKAS: Jovkas (Conq), Saronix (PoM)
  • ASYA: Garpalika(COnq),Asyat(Demo),Funym(PoM)
  • ULNARNOS: Ulnarnos(Sin) ,Fulljackss(BS),Merrone(DT)
  • VATOI: Vatol(BS) ,Vatoy(BS)
  • BART: Bartd(Demo), Bartn(Necro)

The Prince’s Trials of Combat


  • snuffdt
  • princeptahh
  • necrokuja
  • risingconq
  • tharmjs
  • musical
  • ryzena
  • beloyar
  • gelua
  • chicomecoatl


  • jovkas
  • satettka
  • armkillsin
  • yvandragon
  • beloyar
  • ronerbarb
  • guirvil
  • matchis
  • tchibi


  • zarotar
  • lunaticbear
  • hoanii
  • kalliadita
  • slowguy
  • dividius
  • tommyny
  • knoxville
  • amraana
  • maychup


  • mohrgant
  • vested
  • cuprian
  • crankked
  • vladislav
  • muezza
  • viseman
  • koorhan
  • charizardz


  • knightunholy
  • aednataine
  • wormpox
  • nuclearblood
  • kesias
  • yainiellie
  • shandye
  • therden
  • bearlars
  • maliikai


  • lovetohate
  • krostanan
  • rebecca
  • sineni
  • nyarlh
  • sevuna
  • blackarroww
  • drenalin
  • parker
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First SeedIvory Tower
Second SeedVoteKick
Third SeedStyggas with Attitude
Fourth SeedNight Watch

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Current Bracket





I just wanted to let you know, we’re all counting on you. Good Luck!

Maybe gif rewards from last tourney?..

Still nothing

I did pm andy 5 days ago. No answer🤣

But i guess im just about finished with this game anyways. Good luck to yall and have fun👍🏻

Is starting the tourny mid summer very smart. A lot of ppl might be on vacation…

Great :slight_smile:

Will get a team ready soon. Hope less people will sign up as free agents this time and make their own groups instead.

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Bad timing for the tournament. End of August would be better.

Lol so unlikely. There is no leadership in the PvP community. There are literally like 2 people who will even form up pug premades

I think itd be great to do another in September. Let’s keep the fun rolling. Alot of lower bracket have been waiting awhile to get started on this

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Best of luck! :beers:

lets hope we have more team,but 1 question: why do u ban astrolabes? i mean,i can understand baning p2w things like pots and exile rune and I can even understand t6/t5rune ban(even tho it`s just same part of the game as pvp 10 gear),but whats wrong with astrolabes? why do u just reducing creativity field?

some people can land combos and some cant so lets disable moving?
some people can use ccs,some can not so lets disable all ccs? my knowledge isnt enough to use dagamalt,so maqke pvp more enjoyable for me - disable it!

How is that creative? Astrolabes are lame and boys that use them in minis are something special.

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There are certain classes that benefit astronomically from the use of consumables such as Astrolabes. I don’t think anyone wants this tournament to be about who can invest more resources into ridiculous things like consumable buffs and khitai statue buffs.

In a competitive environment, you want both players to start on a roughly even playing field. Imagine if, in chess, your opponent starts with an additional rook and ■■■■ (p a w n is censored?) because he is a billionaire with lots of connections, or because he went to chess club for the past 11 years. It is true that in an MMO such as AOC, you’re never going to have an absolutely 100% even playing field, but we can do our best to try to make it as level as possible.

Additionally, I see no “creative” aspects of letting a necromancer have an additional 3% life tap just because he has lots of extra PvE resources.

What sort of creative gameplay does a morph that allows you to strafe at sprint speed offer? What creative gameplay is offered by letting HoX run the T5 rune that lets them do 8000 AOE damage in one combo? What is “creative” about letting an assassin use T6 armor and use Soul Detonation for ~7k damage on a 1 step combo where they don’t even need to land the opener? Why wouldn’t we want to ban potions that offer 8% crit, 8% immunity, more damage, and more hp to people who pay for it?

The goal is that teams outplay each other, not outgear each other.


Might be bad timing for some, but this tournament will be over much quicker (no league play, only double elimination) So there will be more opportunities soon after that. I guess summer is play-time for some, off-time for others.

Also there are 10-player teams this time, remember that.

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