The Crombowl: Crom's Summer PvP Minigame Tournament

Might be bad timing for some, but this tournament will be over much quicker (no league play, only double elimination) So there will be more opportunities soon after that. I guess summer is play-time for some, off-time for others.

Also there are 10-player teams this time, remember that.

Yes, this tournament format will make it shorter.

In my opinion there is no need to delay it.
On September another tournament, or a different event, could be organized.
This is the “summer” tournament.

In any case, if it will be succesfull or not, mostly depends on how many teams will be signed.
If something could hurt the tournament, more than summer sun, sea and holidays, it is game population imo.

What I can suggest is just this: do not be scared, do not sign as Free Agents, but try to make groups with friends
(or try to make friends by making groups :wink:).

There are 2 brackets, for veterans and less experienced players, so risk you get stomped (which, must be honest, totally breaks the fun) is a lot lower.

Also this is for fun.
Fury tournament, apart few exceptions, was pretty friendly, so just join for the fun and nothing else.
It is a game. And you can for sure gain something - whatever is some funny moment playing with friends, shards or some PvP experience and skills - while having fun.

Also if game totally gets one sided, most probably the other group will accept to end it fast by delivering flags, so don’t be scared of results.
Some of the games on Fury that ended with stomps in many cases ended like that because the loosing team explicetely asked to keep playing (we did so for example vs IT, because we wanted to practice).

@MyStygga: I’m curious of how many teams signed or contacted you already.
We are ready to sign, just slacking a bit… because of sea, sun, holidays… :joy:


Well,i think ppl using t3 pvp gear are lame and something special…

so if you have resources(time in game,etc…) to get pvp 10 gear - its fine
if u have it for astro - its lame? how does Astro worse than Sogoth for example? which also req u PvE res and is bugged af and have u ever played hox?) if u land 1 step combo it will never make 7k dps from dot, u need to land the last rank which is super easy to silence(it req the skill/teamplay may be,but dont we aim to that?)

And speaking about even enviroment, you guys, Chef and Stygga playing with like 30 ms and most of us playing with 180+ :smiley: super even?

Regular pots (I assume he included guild city ones not that it’s a huge difference) + green pots are simple rules that will suit the vast majority of players and that’s what matters.

We don’t want this to be a consumable/random buff contest. What’s next, gold pots?

(funny thing is I had no idea what astrolabes even are in AoC and just found out today. And no thanks.)

I’d be down for banning Sogoth and RF rings though and just generally having everyone in pvp gear but we had that conversation before and IDK if there’s really enough people interested.


I play at 120 ms in California. The servers are hosted in northeastern Canada, likely somewhere near Quebec. Furthermore, the way this game handles networking, there are actual benefits to playing with a high ping, depending on the class you play. I can display it on somebody’s stream if you’d like. The game has to interpolate where it believes you are, and making sudden turns or sharp movements causes this prediction to be completely inaccurate, causing players to look like they “warp”.

This behavior especially noticeable on ranged classes and barbarians, as with speed buffs the barb basically turns into a teleporting anime ninja, and casters don’t have to land combos, so they can just hold shift and turn their mouse randomly to make landing combos incredibly difficult, as their character model starts jumping around.

I understand that the ping situation is frustrating. We feel it too.

well, its kinda straight forward state of mind(idk about it, pls no) and even worse that you are trying to restrict things ingame which aren`t broken and leaving rf rings and sogoth…
but yea if majority of players agree with that - i have no problem either,was just wondering

I would love to have a tournament where everyone is in T1 pvp gear, weapons, and accessories. Also why do you always bring up the ping? Most Americans do not have good ping to the NA servers.


No teams yet, but only 1 day into registrations hopefully more sign up as registration progresses!

Im guessing alts also can be signed up on the fly?

No need to fill the initial signup rosters with an army of alts that probably won’t see use?

I’d prefer for each player to register which 3-4 characters they’re going to play before the registration deadline is up, but I’m fine with a little flexibility.

ok, so fill in the toons we’re most likely to play,

but underway if we really need another alt thats not in the initial registration it’s gonna be ok?

Pretty sure (unless they moved servers in recent history) that the servers are located just outside of NY city. I have 15-30 ms ping. Feels good too.

well, at least spread does have 15 ms :smiley: is he chosen?)
My point is why do you restrict people from using things which are opened for everyone?
and why don`t u ban RF rings then? they are even more OP than astro and req way more farming?

i must concur… i see the ban of astrolabes as silly. Johnny is just a purist. That’s always been his problem

Banning pieces of gear (especially rings) is tough because there’s no visual indication that they’re in use- no t5 rune buff, no Emerald Lotus Coating, no Arc of the Sun III, no pict form. The things we’re trying to ban are explicitly visible and gamebreaking.

I would love to ban sogoths, RF rings, etc. We’ve been actively discussing it for a while now. The issue is that there’s no way to enforce it. I have friends that say certain members of the community, in the past, would zone in without them on, then equip the rings later during the game, when nobody is focused on checking gear. People should be focused on working as a team, not checking each others’ gear.

Astrolabes require an excessive amount of PvE in order to simply use one. Additionally, on certain classes, an astrolabe is equivalent in self healing to a blue heal…

If teams want to play without sogoths, the two captains can converse beforehand. We played games in the Fury tourney where the captains agreed to play without sogoths.

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I can get up to 11% health tap on my necro with an astrolabe running, without any outside buffs or active abilities. They are broken and should not be included.

"Pretty sure (unless they moved servers in recent history) that the servers are located just outside of NY city. I have 15-30 ms ping. Feels good too.

Honestly the only thing I personally feel that should be banned is the store bought pay to win ring. Other than that what’s the big deal with astrolabes? I use them occasionally but I don’t see them as any sort of deal breaker. "

only naabs agree to play without sogoths

if you dont have a sogoth ask yourself… why cant i git gud?

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just disqualify ppl that dont show gear (if caught on screenshot)

it’s easy to check every now and then in a game if you send them a tell, then you can right click the name in chat while running back

astrolabe ban is not silly imo
why normalize more things that we have to farm for? what is next? goldpots? Imagine tanks on goldpots + 20% heal mod. ofc one has to limit this.

Yeah it’s a sad story about the rf farming that has been done but it still doesn’t justify allowing more things we have to farm for (goldpots / astrolabes)