The Bloodbath "KiddiePool Edition"- Croms First Seasonal Minigame Tournament

Why dont you run it then?

Why nominate someone else? He has never said he wants to put the time in to do another on crom fyi…

It’s fairly easy to illustrate the community actually isnt represented here. Maybe 20 people. I could illustrate the power of eos mass democracy but its neither here nor there. I myself would prefer stygga do it because frankly it takes alot of time. I only stepped up because as with so many things you prefer to stay in your ivory tower and watch others work rather then contribute.

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We played some lms matches in the arena the other night and it was a pretty good time. Wasn’t full teams or anything , mostly 3v3s or 2v2s. Would definitely like to ramp it up and do some 6v6s. in the kesh arena you can even do up to 4 teams at once for total mayhem!

Plus you haven’t lived til you’ve spent 20 mins chasing @mystygga around the arena while he desperately tries to heal up/not die

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Stygga is looking pretty motivated in the other thread.

Just trying to bring YOUR ideas forth. Trust me I do my share from time to time.

My ideas:

  • Limit Free Agents use to 1 per game in each group.
  • There must be a signup deadline for Free Agents. They must all be signed before tournament start.
  • Extend group size to 10 players. Each player can use any of up to 3 alts, which must be all listed before signup deadline. Other alts can be signed as Free Agents.
  • Chars listed in groups cannot be used as Free Agents.
  • Add group restrictions: max 2 tanks, all 6 chars of different classes, max 2 healers.
  • Allow rules to be skipped if agreed by parts before game starts, as happened on Fury Tournament (keep things friendly… it’s a game :wink:)

Imo no other changes are needed.
Would be fun to try to play objectives instead of kills, but I’m not sure what I like more. Maybe mixed games.

Arena was put forth to avoid free agents and allow more flexibility. I think itd be fun but it has its ups and down sides

Most important for new tournament on Crom is: Willd and Tyyr will you participate there again? If yes how big is the chance I can be in your team when I train very hard from today on :slight_smile:

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:writing_hand: Why is this a rule?
It promotes forced guild membership and excludes people willing to give PvP a try.

Is there a time limit for guild membership? For example, when someone leaves a guild they would be instantly disqualified. A team could be held hostage by members proposing tactics with an attached ultimatum to drop guild. Also, there is a game timer when someone ‘accidentally’ leaves a guild and they’re not allowed to rejoin for 2 days.

Other guilds can step in, like House of Shadows, and open the door to our guild city for lonewolf tournament fighters. This may be an option for some players and guilds but we need some legitimate rules and information to do this right.

“Alt toons not permitted,” could be legitimate :thinking: But, then there is a waiver for some with multiple accounts with the addition of “1 participant per account”.

I don’t think it’s a rule anymore. It’s unclear…

It is unclear. But restricting to only a guild that is PvP focused severely limits participation unless of course you drop your guild and join another. But hey, it’s their event so whatever. A poor recruiting technique, in my opinion.

Would love to have you on the team. We will see how many from the fury tournament will stick with us and of there is a spot for you😀

Honestly I think there were some rules I put forward to do something different however i am working now w stygga to do what’s best for everyone and capture what you all want. Assuming we can ever agree on it.

Stay tuned

any update?

Satetka and I are working together to create something that will satisfy all our ambitions. I’m writing up a draft of a new thread that should better explain rules with more information than what is currently provided. I will be circulating a copy for internal review by Wednesday with some leaders in the PvP community before posting it on the forums.

Stay tuned.


I’m a leader of the pvp community.

You’ll also get to see it in our discord big boy :heart:

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It’s what you wanted all along :roll_eyes: