Conan Exiles classic pve raids/dungeons

I think the unnamed city update is good, but I would like to have more pve content in Conan. Like maybe raids/dungeons where you need a team to kill a special boss and perhaps get some good gear or building materials.

Something to keep you busy even after being lvl 60 for a while.


The only dungeon people run over and over is mainly the Dregs for the meat.

Id like to see dungeons become more interesting like they did in AoC.

Like currently the only thing I see you can do next to trying to make the whole server one big gigantic building (which would destroy the population of a server) is to pvp. But everything is just so easy to kill and everything is so easy to raid. I would like to see something you can work towards if you are a clan with 5 to 10 people.

This game isnt a MMORPG. Forget raids here. Imagine a raid wipe where everyone loses his equipment…

I prefer to leave this game a survival game and develope a second MMORPG as AoC was in the Conan universe. Funcom now should have the money to do that. And they could earn even more. MMORPGs are not that dead as many think. They could still sell 2 million copies of Age of Conan 2. They just need to take time instead of rushing it out like they did with Age of Conan.

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ARK is a survival game and it too has raids… Also if your party gets wiped every single one of you might lose a dino you have worked on for perhaps months upon months.

So how exactly does this not fit in Conan? :S

I like this idea… perhaps some sort of semi - randomizing for dungeons… make them actually a challenge to find the final boss and not a straight run. make them different for every party that travels through them. add some monsters and similar and you have a interesting dungeon… and traps aswell… don’t forget those

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