Better direction for Conan Exiles (maybe, also for Age of Conan?)

Hello guys!

I’m new here and this is my first topic but i think i have interesting suggestions how to push “conan” games further.

In my opinion, Conan Exiles as survival/semi mmo game, reached the maximum level of “being survival” and development of the product now its like making “new” variations (mostly cosmetic) for the same content. When Funcome is adding something, it is always similar to things allready existed in game.

After thousands hours spend in Conan games univers i can see a lot of posibilities to make this game more addictive and fun in both cases solo pve and pvp.

From observations i know already there are some cross over elements between AOC and CE so how about that:

  • extend Relics Hunters City and add Fighters Arena like in Old Tarantia from AOC (both for solo and groups). Fighting against creatures and revarding with exlusive loot).

  • make something similar for pvp, where clans can fight eachother for great loot and alpha position on leaderboard (not only bei crushing bases but in close combat in the arena).

  • add new items obtaiable in dungeons and other activities (like arena, killing bosses etc) wich allows you to add various number (like 1-3, 1-4) of bonuses to your weapons and armors. The most boring thing in both games (in my opinion) is that you always have the same results from crafting. Crafted and legendary items should have range for all basic stats and bonuses. Better thralls should gives us a chance to create better item not giving always the same flat % more dmg or armor. The whole key to make crafting more interesting its adding lottery elements. It will affect crafting and farming resources in positive way.

  • add new stats like: critical chance, critical damage for weapons and cirts defends for armors and stuff.

I’m sorry if there is smilar post but i’m curious what ppl think about suggestions above.

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Some of what you suggest is already implemented on TestLive, there’s a MASSIVE new (well, revamped) area in the Unnamed City, you should check it out!

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I want crafting and gathering more exciting because this is more than 50% time in this game (you cant be positively suprised when you know the result just before you go and grab some resources for that).

I’m not sure I like the idea of random chance in crafting. If a possibility for a better piece of equipment existed, it would simply mean we’d feel the need to grind that same piece of equipment over and over again until we got the top-tier item.

Me, I prefer to be able to make a flawless item in one go than have to make a hundred swords, hoping to get a “flawless +1” sword.

Your ideas have some merit, but I don’t really see them as a “direction” for the game, more like some extra features that are already in the direction Funcom is taking the game.

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