More Open World, Less Dungeons

I’ve been playing MMORPGs for around sixteen years and during that time I’ve crawled through an innumerable number of dungeons as part of a raid guild. But nowadays I’m sick of them and avoid them if at all possible. I have very little desire to play in any of the new dungeons, and I have avoided some of the earlier ones, thank you.

However, when Funcom modified the Unnamed City to its present form, I was very pleased. In the first place, it’s dungeon-like, but not a dungeon. Rather, it’s part of the open world playstyle that today interests me the most. You can enter from different locations, stay and do whatever you want to do, then leave. I like that.

So, I would like to see less dungeons and more of things like the Unnamed City. That would help me stay interested inn this game.


I imagine the world will be expanded on. If you were to get bored kicking Darfari savages in half you could just admin teleport outside of the boundary for whatever reason and quickly see that there is SO MUCH SPACE that the devs dont seem to be doing anything with. I found the cross that the Exile is nailed to outside the boundary which begs the question of just how the Exile managed to enter the Exiled Lands if the Ghost Wall is supposed to instakill anything wearing the bracelets. Oh and there is a huge flat area northeast of volcano tha I built a mansion on for giggles.

You won’t see that Funcom will fill this huge landscape with open world content. They stated that they need this space to fill with dungeons. Currently they are working on 1 or two more dungeons.
At least it could be possible, that some Modders will fill this space in future with their own ideas. IMO Conan Exiles won’t see new developments anymore. Improvements and some new content yes but no new systems, biomes or other deep changings.


That is my understanding also. Teleporting up there is kinda weird nothing moves.

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That would be really great.

If Conan would someday be like ARK.
That would be really great.
So you can explore the other parts of Hyperborea.

Because at some point you know every place.
Pure boredom.

Then the game loses its charm, I’m already bored to see always the same, to have no more good weapons and to know all the tricks.

Funcom also said you can not do the Warmaker Dungeon on your own.

You just do it on your own, I’ve done the dungeon alone 20 times on Server 3030.

They didn’t say you couldn’t do it alone. They said it wasn’t designed to be done alone and meant for groups.

What Bijay says is correct, the upper right part of the map is used and reserved for dungeon space. There are already two of such, one of which you already mentioned.

This has been discussed a million times though. All the relevant data is on the wiki. If Funcom wants to make a new map, they will. If not, they won’t.

They’re putting too many resources into dungeons that are just not being utilised. I’ve barely done any of them more than once as they’re just not worth doing. I appreciate that they’re there, but they add very little to the game i find, and i have zero intention of grinding them for armour such as the case with the most recent dungeon.

I’d far prefer they concentrated on enhancing or expanding the game world. They’ve been doing a pretty good job of this already but this is where their focus should be.

The game could also bigtime benefit from having larger populations per server, 40 is extremely limiting. 40 combined with a really quite short viewing distance means the world feels empty of other players most of the time.


Yeah I absolutely love the minidungeons and caves. They are so much more immersive than the default level design dungeons like the back keep. Don’t get me wrong, the black keep and the sewers are awesome, but the small dungeons like the spider cave or the skeleton dungeon were something unique since they are fully integrated in the open world map. Would love to see more of this stuff.


I still think the Nameless City best, they have the best armor and the best weapons.
I spend 90% of my playing time there :joy:

I want more “dungeons” AKA Caves and small places. Not load screens dungeons that are huge myself.

All of North could use several caves… west could use a small bug cave for the sand reapers over there.

Thats what I wanted for longest time, but the pushed for 5 Dungeons. I don’t mind them…
I need more reasons to roam map.

Or if one of these “new” Dungeon could be a large Island, thats just explore space with caves and tunnels lead about island. As a “no build zone” (but allow torches and beds) so its semi pvp/pve zone to. XD

I agree. What I wouldnt give for even just one more biome with some unique resources as the games swan song.

I liked the warmaker dungeon… All the other dungeons are meh… Some look nice but they don’t really offer any incentive to return. And the bosses are way too easy in most of them

But yeah UC is nice and I really enjoyed finding random caves with new stuff around the map

Which is why the PVP officials is the only place i can play, even with the issues of duping, offline raiding, and over all toxicity. I like a lot of aspects of the game, and enjoy my clan on social chat, but in general there just is no PVE risk that makes me want to fire it up just for that. I don’t like to build with no one to admire it, so SP is out. PVE and PVE-C would get annoying with any spam builds i couldn’t “correct” myself. Warmakers was godd for a few runs, but now with a thrall and healing arrows, it is just a farm route :frowning:

See for explanation

Note that with the majority of major discussions in the past half a year, there might be some options/nuances which are not discussed here. These are either a variation on the (technically) impossible/unlikely or have not been commented on by the developers -for what exact reason they are also technically impossible- and / or I have probbably scrolled past them :man_shrugging:

I don’t get the 400k x 400k thing… i’m not saying it is wrong, because i don’t know anything about Unreal Engine, but I’ve had several bases on the easternmost islands and never encountered any problems. And also if it’s a known thing, why didn’t they just make the jungle more north/south oriented, instead of so far east?

I think its more like you’re still within the safe area so you’re not going to encounter any problems.

It’s only when you get past that zone that’s when things get finnicky.

Yeah but the wiki notes says there is problems in the far east

How farther away from 0,0, how more things will start bugging/glitching out, such as skeletons falling through the map.

I would like to point out that the wiki is 1 year old on this topic and therefore no longer up-to-date!

In the East, these problems no longer exist with vanishing NPCs.

This error occurs very often in the middle and in the north.

So always stay relaxed and hope that this wiki will be updated someday.