AUNO Database Upgrade -- SOLVED (AUNO IS UP TO DATE)

EDIT: Nadyita was able to dump the item database as requested by Oskari. Let’s hope he can update Auno!
August 14, 2020 07:26 UTC - New stuff
The item database was just updated to version 18.8.53, thanks Leite & Nadyita!

Greetings all.

A month ago I tried something out of the blue, sent an e-mail to asking him kindly to update the database, while taking the chance to thank him for all this years of dedication to AO.

Today I got an answer:

Hi Rui Pedro Leite,

I haven’t played Anarchy Online for years and no longer have it installed anywhere. To be able to update the item database, I would need to get a dump of the item database extracted by this tool:

If you can figure out how to compile and run it - and if it indeed still works on today’s verison of Anarchy Online - please upload the dump files somewhere and I’ll try to update the site with the new data.


The problem is that I have no idea how to do what he asks, anyone can help so we could resuscitate one of the best AO websites ever?

Thanks all <3


Good idea, i always liked auno more than any of the other similar sites. Mostly thanks to the comments.

I dont know how to do it either, but i hope we might have a kind soul able to. :slightly_smiling_face:

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another option would be to grab the comments from auno and add them to but Demoder is resisting this for reasons known to Demoder.

what I do (and maybe many others) is check the item on aoitems (because of being up-to-date) and click the link to auno for comments.


As i think the largest variety of option is always better to have, i’ll try to contact Auno (again, as i tried monthes ago without success …) and see if i can be of any help in DB extraction. Gratz for contacting him, Auno’s site has always been a nice tool in complement to Demoder’s Aoitems and other projects around.

PS : i’ve contacted Auno ; the adbd program he used isn’t compatible with new AO DB RessourceDatabase.dat format ; i’ve informed Auno about this as i’m no C dev expert ; if anyone is skilled enough to help on fixing this, feel free to PM me :wink:

PS2 : so far i only managed to recompile the C code to obtain a new working 0.3.1 .exe but with same error (43 = “version incompatibility” according to Faircom’s ISAM documentation) than the 0.3.0 .exe present on auno’s page ; i played around with a few number settings and also with different ctree .dll versions to see if it changes anything, but i’m stucked here for now …

PS3 : here’s the code i have so far => anyone wanting to contribute is welcomed !

Auno is the best because of the many comments over the years.


UPDATE - Nadyita was able to dump the requested files, already sent the link to Auno, lets hope Oskari updates it
fingers crossed



August 14, 2020 07:26 UTC - New stuff
The item database was just updated to version 18.8.53, thanks @Leite!



HURRAY!!! \o/

Awesome, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked Auno the most in terms of layout, visuals and responsiveness. Not to mention the useful comment section.

I was even determined to learn some C++ to help you with this, glad I don’t have to (not that I wouldn’t want to learn something new but I don’t have a lot of spare time for that) :smiley:

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Glad he answered someone. We told him this in 2012 and he pretty much ignore us. Good work as always Bity!

Great news <3 - Long LIVE AUNO!

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Everything’s fixed thanks to Nad (and also Xyphos) ; the working dumper is available at


AUNO updated…I never thought I would see the day.

Thank you all those who contributed to making this happen.


I actual scrapped all comments there sometime ago and dumped them in sql , I wangted to make a items lookup for out bot with that infomation.

Might add to bebot as new plug
… how heavy is it all please ?

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