AOItems downtime

Thank you all for notifying me about AOItems being down.

Fear not, it’s not a permanent situation. I hope to have it back up and running sometime next week.


If you had [commodity] delivered to you every time someone asked either in-game or on Discord about if/when/halp!?Demoder!, you’d be running out of living space. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for bringing it back online! I returned to the game two weeks ago after a 3 year absence, and have been missed aoitems about 20 times a day, having forgotten most of what I used to know about AO.

Hello Demoder !

Good news you’re soon able to put it back on, as aoitems is now the only up-to-date AODB website still up ; also, sites like AO-U use it a lot for item display on a very large amount of guides (and i’m pretty sure this ain’t the only one impacted).

Taking the opportunity to state that if you ever needed some reinforcement in maintenance, just ring, it would be a pleasure to help.

Best regards,

Hope its coming back online soon, its such a valuable resource! Really appreciate all the work you put into making it

AOItems is back up, please see separate thread for more info/reporting issues.

I would link it if I knew how. (also not allowed to link full URL)