Aopocket is down for weeks and no one cares?

Anyone has any info whats going on ? has been down for weeks now as well. Not sure who runs that or what the situation is.

aopocket is up again.
Sorry for the downtime, I had to upgrade php version (and modify code by the way)



Oh thats sooo cool.


I was quite worried it went down for good. Much appreciation!

Thanks! :hugs:

Not sure if it was like this before, but symbiant links lead to which is no longer functional. Would it be possible to change the default links to[id] ?

Thankyou for fixing AoPocket. That’s been an incredibly useful site for me over the years.

aomainframe -> aoitems done :wink:


And down again for a while now.

Since early February, yeah. Hoping they come back soon. I DM’d @Prist but no response yet.

Until they’re able to get back online, I’ve put the pocketboss and symbiant information online at TinkerPocket

Already tried Tinkerpocket but it sadly is not covering the (for me) most useful function AOPocket had.
If a class can use different symbiant sets it was showing the abilitys of all sets side by side after you entered yout class level and abilitys. So you could see very fast which setpart is the best for you.
Maybe thats what the Compare Tab is for, but just “coming soon” ^^

Yep, sounds like what the Compare tab will be. Sorry about that - I was in a rush to get the rest of the data online for everyone, and that function took a back seat temporarily.

I’m working on the Compare tab now, which will allows you to put up to three symbiants side-by-side to compare their benefits. I should have it up in the next couple of days.


For comparing symbiants there’s also kennyboy. It lets you compare symbiants for each slot. It doesn’t have a feature to enter abilities though and doesn’t take into account which QLs may drop if you’re looking for lower QLs.