AOItems - Anarchy Online Items Database

Thank you SO much for updating the database, we all really appreciate it!

AO items is super useful and I love it, but If it’s possible, could you add search filters for expansions so we can find RK only items easier and also the option to search for certain qls (min 100 max 200)

You can search for froob items with a filter under the advanced search:

Criteria Expansions Not Present
Criteria AccountFlags Not Present

The first one filters out items that require e.g. Shadowlands, the second one filters out the Paid Account requirement such as on token boards.

Filtering on quality is indeed not possible as far as I can tell, but would be a nice feature.

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that one I did not know, thanks :wink:
a nice filter for froobs would be - required level ≤ 200

Hi, I really appreciate your effort in keeping this up to date. Amazing work!

I also have a proposal and I’m aware it will take quite some time to accomplish but it would mean a lot for many players.
For some time, (the only resource for symbiant patterns with their location and drop lists) is not up anymore, therefore I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be grateful if this kind of info would be added to AOItems


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Update for aopocket - it’s back up - Aopocket is down for weeks and no one cares?

Some new stuff upp, would be really nice if Demoder could rip us a new one :slight_smile:

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AOItems updated.


I’ll hopefully get around to updating CIDB the next couple of days.


Is it possible to extend the advanced search with min and max quality?

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Hey Demoder, was a public JSON API for aoitems ever released? I saw a mention of it on the site/forums but have not found any more info.

AOItems updated with newest patches.

18.8.43 (built 25th June 2019)
18.8.44 (built 21st August 2019)


AOItems updated with patch 18.8.45


For anyone attempting to parse AOs item database, you may find the information in this library useful. It’s the first part of my parser which was open-sourced, a few months back:

It won’t help much with reading the RDB format itself, but it’ll help with parsing the format AO stores in the RDB.

3 Likes has been updated. CIDB has not received an update yet.

18.8.46(Many new templates, some new icons)
18.8.47 (No template/icon changes)
18.8.49 (Many new templates, many modified templates)
18.8.50 (Many new templates, VERY MANY modified templates, some new icons, many modified icons)
18.8.51 (No template/icon changes)


any idea how to import the actual database into budabot4?
i mean anyone, i know its not ur job ^^ thx tho

CIDB has also been updated.

Furthermore, a few more optimizations have been implemented on AOItems.

  • Homepage

    • Removed no-longer-relevant Helpbot and Itemsbot sections
    • Removed “RDB Statistics” – this didn’t belong on the landingpage - it might show up elsewhere later.
    • Removed “newsfeed” as it wasn’t being updated any more. (Yes, I do realize the blatant irony of posting a news update saying the newsfeed is obsolete)
  • Items Module

    • The intrusive “You are viewing an old version of this item” and “You are viewing an item which has since been deleted” banners have been replaced with equivelant entries in the Labels system (see attached screenshot)
    • After 8 years (oops!), Perks and Perk Actions now finally make it visually apparent whether you’re viewing the current version - identical to all other items.



Excellent updates, thanx a lot !

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Hey all,

Now that AOItems is being actively developed agian, I’ve created a Discord Server where you can discuss the future of AOItems, new features, bugs, etc. Ongoing development will be discussed there as well.

As some have undoubtedly already noticed, AOItems went ad-free at the end of August. This was a decision which was both easy and difficult to make: Easy because we all hate ads (I do too!), and difficult because the ads helped cover some of the expenses I have with AOItems.

As such, I’ve launched a Patreon page, hoping the community can help cover the expesnes and keep AOItems ad-free. There is a temporary banner on the site introducing the Patreon campaign. This banner will automatically disappear in January 2021.

Thanks for your attention,
- Demoder


AOItems updated to patch 18.8.55.
More info.