Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus


Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus
AO Item Assistant+ keeps track of all your items and Backpacks
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I am returning back to game and my last version of AOIA is I thought it was just AO Item Assistant but upon reviewing the “About” information I see it labeled as: Anarchy Online Item Assistant++ (AO:IA++) ‘Plus’ Update by ‘Dream’ ++ Update by officeleet Version Is there any way for me to upgrade this version without having to start over completely? I have 46 characters worth of information… that just isn’t feasible. As is, I’m using AOIA+ (current version) to track GMI information and the old version I had for everything else.


Traderjill Apr 9th, 2018, 19:39:19

You should be fine upgrading to the latest + version (v1.2.6.0). It automatically converts older data to it’s new format, and has an import from the IA:Lite version from a menu function.
For it to import the old data, the “ItemAssistant.db” from your older version just needs to be dropped (copied) into the same folder as the new version and it will detect it when run, as it was designed as an “install over the top of the old version”.

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Hi … I have a ghost toon I can’t get rid of from my AOIA. It is a deleted and re-rolled toon with same name but different account and profession than first one. The first one is not in my pref folder and the toon nameis not listed in any account on the Inventory page, however it is listed on the Summary page. Unfortunately I can’t select it on the Summary page to delete it.

Any suggestions?



NVM … I figured it out. Had to go back thru old pref backups and find the deleted toon, put it back into pref folder and re-delete it from AOIA via the Inventory page.


Hi, AOIA is acting strange today … it won’t stay open. I launch it and the summary screen comes up and it will perform a search, but then it minimizes to task bar and then closes down completely.

Anyone else with this problem? Any idea’s why … it was working fine a few days ago.



No problems for me (except fresh install of windows and reopening of all the bags on all toons), it stays minimized and works as earlier.


With one of the older versions of aoia i was able to auto rename all unnamed packs. it would name them like ‘#456 Small BackPack’.
What happened to this feature? it was so helpful in finding the pack in my bank.