Anyone running AOIA OR AOIA+ successfully on Win 10?

Ancient old school player returning here, have game running just fine, but I can’t seem to get either Anarchy Online Item Assistant or Anarchy Online Item Assistant+ to actually do anything.

Anyone have these currently running on Win 10? Any tips on how to get either running?


Both of them run on my system with win10. What problems do you have? My problem with AOIA+ is that it didn’t recognise dual logging properly. I can search the item and it shows it on the char from the second account but the account and char itself don’t appear on the sidebar until I log them by themselves and not dualed.

AOIA+ runs just fine on Win10 here

Not sure on this, but try giving it the appdata folder instead of AO folder when it asks for it. Example:

C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\12345abc123\Anarchy Online

I use AOIA 4.0. Working fine.

i use ia:light successfully on Win10.
beware, if you run anarchy online as administrator, you have to run w/e program you’re using as administrator as well.

I’m using IA Light on Win10 as well and not had any issues. I have everything installed in a completely seperate folder, and even though I have mroe than 1 AO Client install IA Light can handle item movement between characters on the different installs just fine (bag names are missing from the accounts I use the second install for, but that’s because IA Light is pointed at the first AO install’s AppData folder).

I do want to echo the above about administrator - you have to run clients and IA at the same permissions level, whatever level you want that to be.

I run AOIA+ without issue on Windows 10. It’s in its own folder. It doesn’t have special permissions.

The database is huge… 18 years of stuff (at a point, you don’t even try to sort it anymore :)) and org banks for Athen Paladins. But all works fine.