AO Freezes Computer

Can anyone provide some support as to why Anarchy Online causes my entire computer to freeze randomly, sound continues to play though, but I have to perform a hard restart to get out of the state. I’m pretty sure I narrowed it down to an invalid COM call and/or graphic issue. My graphics drivers are up to date, using AMD, and have tried testing different video settings in game to no avail. I have also tried using the “new” client, but the random flickering is to much. Additionally, the client has always just randomly crashed and closed, but having my entire computer freeze is unacceptable. I play other games that require far more resources, have zero issues, and this problem only ever happens with AO.


Old or new client? I got bunch of problems on both, but only new client was freezing my entire computer. It happened every time after alt-tabing from game.
Fix was running game in windowed mode (borderless is fine as well)

And with the old client, maybe try different compatibility mode. For me, best was running game in win8/7 compatibility mode.