Bad performance

Hey guys i’m trying to run this on a laptop and have a few problems. AO won’t recognize my mx150 gpu but rather only intel hd graphics 620. I’ve tried forcing it through nvidia control panel and disabled the 620 at one point to see if AO would recognize it then but it wouldn’t run altogether. I’m running the old engine

The game runs alright if i disable all hud/UI elements but with each one i add my fps goes down, i’ve tried alot of different solutions but nothing really helped so i decided to post here hoping someone knows a fix.

There are quite a few threads on this same problem, here are some of the recommended fixes:-
Old engine

Beta/new engine

I would also suggest try adding the Anarchyonline.exe to a profile such as 3dmark11


Something has changed recently (well when I say recently, in the last 2 years or so), whatever I do I cannot get the old client to run off my dedicated card in my laptop, even fiddling with settings caloss shows.

The new engine however quite happily uses the 1050Ti in my new laptop

Same observations as Tsuniko.

New-ish laptop (940MX, 7th gen Intel dual core) will not play ball with Caloss’s settings on the old client. Older laptop with a 575M and 2nd gen Intel quad core will.

Caloss’s settings will help tremendously with stability on the new client.

One link Caloss alluded to, in which he goes into some detail: