Memory leak/Unstable client

I’ve been playing AO for the past two months, I originally started with new engine but with it being pretty unreliable and crashing constantly, I reverted back to the old engine.

To start off with the old engine was a lot more smooth initially, over time it became more and more unstable e.g running too fast in cities will cause the screen to freeze briefly, with it being an old mmo I honestly didn’t mind it tbh, it was more of an inconvenience than anything.

Two weeks after this started however, the screen freezes started getting worse to the point where it got pretty annoying but it was still down to only happening in cities.

Fast forward to today, I turn my PC on, launch AO launcher, and notice that nothing seems to be happening at all, press it again, still nothing. After 5 minutes the launcher finally appears (twice), I try start the client and it just bugs out and goes unresponsive, force close it in task manager, try again, no luck.

After restarting the PC I tried it again, it works this time, I manage to get to the character screen after logging in, but all of my characters are invisible, I try logging in to one anyway and the client goes unresponsive followed by a black screen, try and force close it in task manager and it legit ■■■■■ itself.

Repeat trying to log in, manage to actually get into the game this time but the screen freezes are beyond playable at this point, they last over 10 seconds and sometimes the screen just goes black.

I tried looking at other topics but none of them seem to be experiencing the same problem besides on that is black screen on startup, I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and knows a fix?

If u are using a harddisk u should check it for errors with a SMART tool.
All u described sounds like bad sectors on the HDD.

I know it’s overkill for anarchy, but it’s on an SSD, I got annoyed with trying everything so I reset my PC to see if it’ll do anything, It only seems to be anarchy that’s having problems since I can run FFXIV/Genshin on 4k perfectly fine.

Have you gone through the steps in this video, though made for the new engine is will also affect the old engine.

Also worth using is the AOIA by Dream if only for the extra files it can add to let the old engine run at higher resolutions.

I got told about AOIA while I was using the new engine, but I was using it for UI transfer mainly, I got a normal resolution by accident and didn’t even realise it was AOIA that caused it :rofl:

Since the reset, I haven’t seen any major screen freezes. ICC and other main cities it lags a little but that’s to be expected, I can live with it.

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