Login Handler - Client Crash or Freeze when zone

At the beginning, only Rome and Broken shore were producing graphics errors. But in the last 2 weeks, playing AO has been a total torture for me (I hope my teammates will forgive). At first, it only happened 1-2 times, but when doing the DB raids, it was thoroughly out of place. I’ve tried everything to fix the situation. I thought the problem was with the new game engine, because my video card was 1080 and the disk was ssd. I couldn’t tell if there was a hardware problem. I talked to Caloss2 and I didn’t try a lot of things that I’ve done at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYTZXoH59uo but I’ve still told the audience that I’m experiencing the game. (Thank you for your help.)

Therefore, the old forum archive, reddit, etc. I searched the pages. In the meantime, I noticed that when I re-start after the massacre, the chat was interrupted in my connection and came back in 1-2 minutes. When I added these details to my research, I saw that other people lived the same problem in the past.


To solve this problem, I have given full permission to all exe files in the directory of Windows Firewall, and I’ve redirected the ports from the modem.

There was no solution again.

Yesterday, after checking my character in the game, GM Rooibas said that the trouble was about the connection and asked me to contact the technical team. I sent an e-mail about the problem.

Also, I called the internet service provider and explained the situation.

Firewall, antivirus, etc, everything closed and a few more times try but the result was still the same freezing game.


I checked the ms with the server. The result was 136 - 140.
I remembered that the default settings in timeouts settings were 90 and 30.
I did 150 in both settings. No more freezing, I could go anywhere as I wanted. When I tried to go to Rome, there was a graphical error. That’s why I’ve done the settings 200 and now works super, no trouble at all. If you have stopped using the new game engine because of problems like this, please try.

also installed dx 9 runtimes maybe also it helps for graphic bug on whompas.

I would like to thank all the friends waiting for me and showing patience when my client freeze and connection is broken.

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