Game crashing when logging in, relogging or zoning

As of today, Anarchy online has been unplayable, crash insta as i try to logg in, or if i relogg, crash if i zone, every second time, or always. Seems like FC dont care, dont know, or behave the usual way. Would u mind inform the community about the issue ? Fc must be avare of this issue. I also want to know if FC would considder a compensation for those affected by this issue. Ppl in org has mentioned it might be a DDOS attack on FC server. might be, not for me to handle anyway. FC should have the skills to counter any such attack. SOH, wondering if FC even gona respond to this tread at all.
Forgot, apparently this affects players in Norway

Hey, Avue.
Same problem here. Cant play this game on 9700k+2080ti last few days. Game started to crash randomly and if i use zoning. I tried to change video settings (windowed, borderless mode) and tried to reinstall the game. It doesnt help =(

Would be nice to hear any support from Funcom and some kind of compensation because the game is not playable right now and i paid 60 EUR for my 4 accounts to reactivate them…

Soh, as there are others experciensing same issue in game, and replying here, on this post, where are FC support ?.
I must admit, as there have been no comment of any kind so far of any FC GM’s, i doubt they care, as long as we keep paying for this game. And most/many have already payed for a year or so. We might have to wait until we are to renew our subscription maby. I do hope FC will show some respect for us players, and fix this issue, and ASAP respond to this issue. Not having high hopes tho.

Yeah same problem for me. We’re quite a few people on Discord who are experiencing the same problem. It is without a doubt ISP based. Hopefully FC will fix this soon enough, but the amount of attention its getting from GM/ARK/developer on Discord is worrying.

Just wanted to update on my situation: no crashes today. Everything has been smooth sailing. Very pleased with the situation, but wondering what gives? Perhaps its just due to internet being severely strained by covid quarantine? Living in Denmark if that is of any help to the developers :slight_smile:

I can still play classic, or EP1, but EP2 crashes instantly when I click play. And I just reactivated my paid account with all the goodies to check it out.