That's it, I've had enough

I’ve been playing Funcom games since the beta of Anarchy Online and its disastrous release. My new machine is 2-3 weeks old and yet this software continues to crash. Why? SWL is what? Eight years old? Previously I was playing on Win 7 and now on Win 10.

But screw those details… What’s the problem? It sure isn’t my hardware.

I played Anarchy Online during beta, like I did TSW. In AO, I have NO idea how your software went from being somewhat fairly stable during beta to only go from there to ALL players being trapped in beginner zones and also - wtf? - geometry?

I’m posting this as a customer - someone who is not just a patron, but has also spent more money over top of that. Look up my account and look at it. My point here is that I have forked over money to your company yet crap that is years - YEARS - old still exists. Not just little, annoying crap either like having to vote to retreat from a NY raid or else players crash if they try to exit any other way; annoying as hell but not a deal breaker. Ridiculous.

So, hear I am with my new machine that’s all jacked up with CPU, RAM, and graphics card - BRAND NEW - and I paid good money for it. Yet, YOUR game crashes as it ALWAYS has
among other issues like when it crashes and my character gets teleported to an empty NYR instance from a friggin’ dungeon (WTF???) And that’s not even unique to this particular machine! Again, WTF???

I’ve been playing your company’s games since AO was in beta. When was that? 2001 or close to it? Nearly TWENTY YEARS I’ve been paying for your games so it’s not like I’m just spouting off about just one application.

I loved Anarchy Online. I love this game. But, f’ing A I will not be giving you another dime with this crap going on.

WTF is the problem??? You never fixed it when the game was flush with cash when it was released and you sure as hell haven’t done anythng about this stuff since - COMMON BUGS. Also, as long as I have your attention, I deal with looking at “Await word from your handler” in my missions every single time I log in, however many years THAT has been going on… Very annoying since I expect NO updates to the storyline.

But, again, WTF is wrong with your software or game engine or whatever. Is it management?
Lack of talent? WTF? I work with computers but I don’t know everything however, even if I did, why should it be MY OR ANYONE ELSE’S job to figure out your bugs for you? I’m not going to QA your products for you (anymore) for free. On that note, I don’t want to hear from anyone here who is not a Funcom employee - players - about how I can get around whatever by jumping through some hoops. SWL - 8 years old. My machine - 2 weeks old. Again, it’s not my or anyone else’s job to figure this out, it’s YOUR job, Funcom, not ours.

To wrap this up, I’ve been a Funcom customer for what? Nearly 20 years now? That’s a long time and a lot of loyalty no matter how foolish it ended up being.

I loved AO. I love SWL. But this is the last product I purchase from Funcom.


It’s the software mate, it crashes for literally everybody :v:

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I feel you…

Funcom has been my favorite company until SWL. Anarchy Online is/was amazing… I had a wet dream for Anarchy Online II for years. AO nano and implant system is still really cool amongst modern MMOG’s.
TSW was something different. Fresh idea with really cool ability wheel system. Funcom offered games what werent same-old-same-old. There were “features”, but games were so cool so we tolerated them.

I still have TSW and SWL installed. I have Lenovo Legion Y740 and havent had that much crashes… other than typical zoning crashes. Reason I log in to these games are old friends. But since there are less and less of them in game, there is not much of a reason anymore.

I dont see a reason to buy their products anymore either. 2012 game quality is not for 2021. “Features” what still are on, and even worse, were fixed in TSW but were reborn in SWL… its just too much for me too. I dont know what is goming from Tencent Funcom? Is it anything cool, is it cash crap from the start or what?

There is a big opening for “different” MMORGP. There is opening for any good MMORGP in fact. Games are coming but they all seem to have that red and blue bar on top left corner, and not a fan of that.

Ffs, best modern MMORPG experience seem to be The Division 2 these days :smiley:

Peace. Lets talk. Dont drop the hammer Funcom.

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What kills me is that, while my old machine wasn’t up to the task in several ways, it still didn’t often (frig… I’m conceding to “not often”) give me crap whereas this new jacked up machine gives me more problems than ever.

I still love playing SWL but, buddy, if you eventually end up finding another mmorpg that is interesting, I’ll tag along with you. :smile:

As of yet, my patience hasn’t completely run out, but it’s getting damned close. :frowning:

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Man, that’s exactly it. It’s friends like Pilchenstein above who keep me around as well as I enjoy playing the game - when it friggin’ WORKS.

But it’s coming to the point where the aggravation is taking over the fun. Who wants to go into a high level dungeon or whatever only to crash and end up at the anima well at the least but most likely it’s worse than that?

The “fun” is being offset by the frustration.

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*taps head* Game can’t crash if the pc catches fire first :v:

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Can you add the blue flicker in OD in there as well? I get it 100% of the time when trying to beat mine or others highest wave record… Even when I haven’t died once. Big 'ol pain in the butt since it’s one of the main reasons I like to play.